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I feel a little unhappy right now, and I have no good reason for it. OK, I have a big to-do list, but I have already DONE some of it. I have also conquered a bunch of stuff at work, and my training sessions are going pretty well. My personal life is no more dire than it ever is. Mom isn't any crazier than she normally is. Nothing in particular is wrong. And I'm enjoying the hell out of Facebook.* I've been thinking about my past and my future, and none of that is stressing me out, so WTF, body? Why the sadness?

I guess it could just be the winter. It feels very long this year. I feel like it's sucking the energy and life out of me. I really need a vacation; I know I had two weeks off at Christmas, but it's just not enough. I didn't go away during that time, so it doesn't really count in the recharging batteries sense.

I think also it could be because I've been surfing realtor sites looking for apartments, and some of them are kind of awesome and I want to move in right now (NOW!) but I can't. Perhaps it's general ennui and impatience and being stuck in limbo. I need to do something soon to jolt myself out of it. Damnable February. I'm always like this in February. Soon there will be baseball. Then all will be better.

How are you dealing with this season? Any tips?

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Wednesday already?! Ack!

Vacations need to be three times as long, I think. Unless I am traveling I spend the first couple days doing nothing, then I get busy, then I go back to nothing, then I run out of time.

So far:

Friday I left work early, went to have dinner with Stephen, then we went to see Neil Gaiman speak at MIT. I've seen him two other times, and he's always entertaining and charming. This was no exception. Alas, they were making a DVD of the lecture series, so no flash was allowed. Pictures not good.

Turn to the Left!!Turn to the Right!! Fashion!!*
Three Faces of GaimanThree Faces of Gaiman, 2Stand Up!

Other pix in my Flickr photostream. Came home, watched losing baseball. Read.

Saturday I slept late, bought lunch for Mom and I (breakfast food, yum!), then went out to dinner and Indiana Jones with P. Read before bed. Watched losing baseball.

Sunday I slept late, poked around on the computer, opened windows in house, sniffed the pretty air. Read a lot of the day. Watched losing baseball.

Monday I had lunch with P, came home and took the cat outside for a couple hours, poked around with various pictures/blog entries/etc. Read a lot of the day. Wrote long review of Kindle. Not finished. Watched winning baseball.

Tuesday I did chores. Dragged all recycleables off to city yard, picked up Rx for Mom, had lunch, returned cans, cleaned out car, washed car, went to Jiffy Lube, dropped off glasses for new lenses, went to Target, went to food store. At home, made dinner, plugged in fan, read the internet, sorted out receipts, took tags off clothes bought earlier in week and put away. Read a small amount of the day. Had to call Amazon because price on Kindle went down (it's $359 now) and I missed 30 day price guarantee by 3 days. Arg! Was denied. Wrote snippy email. Will see what happens. Watched losing baseball. Life is hard. Manny got home run #499 — just one more and we can go back to normal.

Chores! Many chores! Clean house. Entire house. All laundry. Have to do in the next 4 days, because early Sunday will drive to Provincetown to spend 2 days with S & V. They have rented a gorgeous place right on the water and I want to take pix and hang out with them. I took the wrong week off, so I can only spend Sunday night there, as Tuesday I need to be at work. So it'll be most of Sunday, Sunday night, then all day Monday til I poop out (or they get sick of me -- so maybe early Sunday afternoon!). Here's hoping the weather is good Sunday and Monday.

*I was debating "stand up, sit down, fight fight fight", but I went Bowie instead.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 12:09 pm
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Borrowed from zanzjan:

These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users (as of today). As usual, bold what you have read, italicize what you started but couldn't finish, and strike through what you couldn't stand.  


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So [profile] sarcasticah asked for 10 things I love that begin with N. In honor of Edward Gorey, I'll first have to choose  

And that's 10 (categories, anyway!)

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I only have three days left to hit my TO DO goal of 85% complete before vacation. This weekend I realized that a few things would pretty much drag me down. So I decided to spend a little quality procrastinating time reorganizing my priorities. I figure a short-term and long-term list will do the trick, with the short term stuff due before vacation, and the long term stuff due before October (which I just pulled randomly out of my ass). As long as I'm making progress toward the long-term tasks every week then I'm meeting my goal. I decided that if something would take longer than four or five hours to complete it would fall under long-term project (except all my paper sorting, because I want that done and over with already regardless of how long it takes, and except for the longer projects that I somehow already did). Italics indicate in process. 

Arg!! No matter how I slice it, I need to get busy!! Time is tick-tick-ticking. I want to have a shiny task-free vacation!

EDITED 8/17: Oh well, got to 82%. I can live with that, though. VACATION!

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So I've made some progress on my To Do list. and now I'm going to set myself a goal for completion: I want to have 85% of what's on the list done before I go on vacation August 17th. I don't want to spend my whole vacation doing dumb things. I've got about 44% of the list done now. That's been two weeks or so since I started, and there's two weeks til vacation. I've been adding to it quite a bit, so I'll probably add more before I'm done, but right now there are about 60 things on the list. I've completed approximately 25 things, more or less.

I think this weekend will contain kitchen & bathroom & floors day! That will knock off almost everything Mom-related.

Here's what I probably won't do: most of the book reading (just aren't enough hours between now and then! plus, need something to do vacation week), going to the doctor,  getting a second job, renewing my passport, looking at a car, and finally completing the images database at work (because seriously? it's been two years). To hit my 85% goal, though, I have to finish almost everything else. Yeesh.

EDITED TO ADD: New list posted here (a reorg!)
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So a coworker asked me earlier today if I knew someone who wanted a to buy a ticket to the Police at Fenway for "face value $246." That's not a typo. Two hundred and forty six United States dollars!


When the FUCK did concert tickets get to be so damned expensive? I've been to a few concerts in my day. I'm not living in a bubble, either.. I just can't imagine who is spending this money!  I started thinking that if Elvis Aaron Presley himself crawled out of his grave, was suddenly young and hot again, and decided to go on tour, even for that I wouldn't pay $246! Not for ZOMBIE ELVIS!! So really unlikely that I would shell it out for the elderly Police.

That made me stroll down memory lane, and as we know any kind of stroll in my world involves a list, so I present the concerts/plays/lectures/sporting events/other events I have seen, sorted by type of thing. Of course these are only the ones I have stubs for in my wee ticket stub box. I'll probably add to this as I think of other shows. To be truly anal, I'll need dates etc.

See? Saw the young hot Police: $16.00, 1983. Somehow we are to believe that, in addition to grey roots and subtly disguised crow's feet, somehow they've added about $10 of concert value for EVERY PASSING YEAR?!  Feh. I'm thinking no.

(The missing include: Andres Segovia with my parents, probably 1980? Several symphony performances, too. I know I've seen a few more Laurie Anderson shows, several more Richard Thompson shows, Crash Test Dummies, October Project, November Project, back to October Project, Mary Fahl, a ton more shows while I was at UMass, etc. Probably even stuff I've seen in the last few years. For example, I saw Elvis Costello for free in 2004 and I simply can't remember the circumstances! Someone had comp tickets, but WHO? Was it Jenn? I think maybe.)

And yes, I can't remember who I saw many shows with. I can't even remember yesterday, so no real surprise there. Hence the lists! If you remember that I saw a show/performance/whatever with you and you're not listed here, I'd appreciate being reminded. This means you, especially, Patrick, Stephen, Val, Dan, Suzanne!  I forget you all equally, so don't feel bad! :-)

Shows I wish I could have gone to (but never will): XTC. Kate Bush. The Clash. 
Best show I ever attended: Elvis Costello and the Singing Song Wheel, Orpheum Theatre, 10/86
Biggest hero I got to see: Carl Sagan

What are yours?

To Do

Jul. 17th, 2007 01:26 am
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I haven't done an obsessive list recently, so naturally I'm due.

Instead of crowing about how damned productive I have been, this time I need to whine about all the things I really need to do and haven't:
There. My brain is now empty and I can sleep.


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