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Nearing the end of the year, should try to be a little better about updating. So! Christmas was fun. Opened presents with the Boy in the morning. Went over to visit with Mom in the afternoon, gave her presents, got lottery scratch tickets, won $10 -- which is par for the course, and represents over $100 of tickets. PLEASE just give me the money, seriously. I never win! Picked up Chinese food, brought some to mom, brought rest home for me and the Boy. After dinner, Patrick came by, exchanged presents. He was way too generous, as usual, and I was delighted with all of my gifts.

Spent Saturday doing little other than renewing Costco membership, wandering around snagging free snacks there, and not finding the little laptop cart I so desire. Came home, relaxed, Boy went off to work, I watched TV and snoozed.

Slept in on Sunday, which was a rare treat. I never seem to sleep in, anymore. Woke up, ate some yummy Costco muffins (laced with crack, I swear), read the paper. Decided to look at the disaster that is the office. I have too many projects going on right now, and no forward momentum in any of them. Since part of my Xmas list from the Boy was to hook up the extra tv in the office, I could now watch stuff while I was being productive, so that was the rest of today. Organized many things, and actually almost finished a project: Got through the initial removal of CDs. My current tally: 324 CDs ready to be removed from my life. Just need to bring them to a used CD store, now. Listed, boxed, etc. Yay! About 200 of them are real junk, promo stuff I got back in my store management days, so I won't miss any of that. But it will be nice to lose some overall volume. Once I get this stuff gone I will make the second pass, really be brutal with my culling. Too many CDs in my life. They're mostly ripped to MP3 anyway, and my CD rack is too small to hold them. I still have more than 800 after this pass.

Other December stuff: Illustrator class ended, and now Patrick and I want to take something else together. We just have to figure out what.

Sam died on December 11. He did really well until the last 12 hours or so, so I have no regrets about his surgery and treatment. He was a great cat, and I miss him terribly. The Boy's cats are doing their best to fill the void, with Ria taking Sam's spot on the bed most nights, and Cricket causing random trouble from time to time. They're comforting. I think I'm going to hold off getting another cat for a while. Losing all three in the last four years has been pretty draining.

Sam Sun 4

I've been tearing through books lately; read the entire Elizabeth Moon "Vatta's War" series in the last two weeks, all because Amazon gave me the first one for free on my Kindle. Well, on the Kindle App on my iPhone. Because I always have my phone handy. Anyway, I need to think about getting caught up on my greenstreetbks reviews. HA! At least I could get over there and update totals. Another thing for the To-Do list...I've made myself a giant list of To-Dos for the rest of the vacation week. I don't have to go back to work until January 5, so I still have over a week to get stuff done. Hopefully I can have a few days as productive as I did today. I have to be on call for four of the days this week; let's hope everyone at the office is interested in leisure instead of work.

Or I might just bag the whole list and sleep for the rest of the week.
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Snow day. I am so ready for summer, mere words can not express...
so I'll try this way )
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Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts regarding Harry. I miss him a lot, but to be honest I started to feel a lot of relief almost right away. He was very sick the last day, and knowing that I could relieve his suffering gave me a little comfort.

Sam seems to be handling things well. He's run around the house a couple of times looking under things and looking in Harry's usual sports, but he doesn't seem distressed yet. I don't know how he'll be as time passes and Harry doesn't come home. To my knowledge, he's never been alone before. And he's pretty attention-needy.


It's very sad and strange to only have one little furry critter waiting at the door for me when I come home. I haven't had only one cat since 1990 (except for one month after Xing died and before I got the boys). Growing up I always had multiple cats, too. Mom is completely against getting another cat, so I think it's just me and Sam for a while.


Jul. 18th, 2006 03:14 pm
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Cat update the millionth:

Sam and GreyKitty both took a trip to the vet again yesterday; Sam finally had his bloodwork done so we can see if he's healthy enough to have his teeth cleaned, and GreyKitty needed a follow-up to see how her treatment is going. The results are in!

Sam: 100% healthy! No elevated anything. Healthy! Scheduled for teeth cleaning for next Tuesday.

GreyKitty: No longer diabetic! I seriously have been suspecting this for at least a couple of weeks now. She had pancreatitis, and diabetes is caused by a poorly-functioning pancreas, so when her pancreas got better, her diabetes disappeared. The vet pronounced her "a completely different cat" when he saw her, and was very excited to see that she'd added over a pound back. Her kidney levels are the tiniest bit elevated, but they have been for more than a year. He wants to see her in about a month for another check, but...Woo-hoo! No more insulin injections! No medications at all! Yay, GreyKitty!

I have three almost entirely healthy cats! Life is good.

Cat Update

Jun. 23rd, 2006 11:12 pm
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Well, things feline have improved quite a bit around here since last time.

GreyKitty Outside!

Greykitty: It's been two months since her hospitalization for pancreatitis, and currently she's getting two shots of insulin a day and getting to eat as much as she wants to, and she seems to be doing pretty well. Alert, affectionate, active -- all the good A words. Not growing back her fur where she was shaved, which is a little disturbing, but otherwise much better than I could have hoped!


Harry: Cancer free! Came through his lump removal and dentistry surgery with flying colors, is all healed up and growing back his fur. They only had to remove one tooth. Not wearing the lampshade anymore, even. He's still getting his twice daily thyroid medication, but otherwise he's pretty happy and healthy. I haven't decided whether or not to do the radioactive iodine therapy for him, but the idea is starting to grow on me.


Sam: No news -- which is good news! Although he's still fat. Going to the vet next week to get his blood work done. Assuming that he's fine, he'll have his dentistry work done soon. And hopefully that will be all!

Note: My kitties are indoor kitties, photo evidence to the contrary. Once every few weeks during the temperate months I bring them into our enclosed back yard for an hour or so. After that they become hyper and irritable until the next time I bring them out, or until they forget again that out exists.

Vet Update

May. 2nd, 2006 04:40 pm
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OK, so in the last few weeks I've spent a LOT of time at the vet. And, as one would assume, a LOT of money.

GreyKitty (15): After her initial diagnosis of diabetes, she had a follow-up visit a week later to see how the insulin was working on her. She wasn't eating enough, was weak, listless, and dehydrated again. My vet recommended getting an ultra$ound to make sure that there were no tumors (he couldn't tell from the $x-ray) so we had to go to Mass Vet Referral Hospital, which is a referral and emergencies only pet hospital. Meaning, expensive. Harry had his eye removed there, so I was pretty familiar with the place. After determining that GreyKitty was tumor-free, they told me that they wanted to hospitalize her and try to get her kidneys, hydration, and insulin all stabilized. Ok. She went in Friday April 21 and came home late Monday April 24. And it only cost me $2,000!

She was a lot better when she got out, and we've now added daily subcutaneous fluids to our insulin ritual. Despite being a pincushion, she's gained back a little weight and her eyes and coat are much healthier looking, but she's still not eating enough. We went in again yesterday for kidney function and blood glucose tests, and everything is pretty good except her potassium levels. This means it's now supplement time! My vet has to order some. Oh boy! Now it's $20 per month for the insulin and needles, $75 per month or so for the fluids (if they have to continue) and who knows how much for the supplement!

Harry (14?): My vet called me back after Harry's bloodwork came back and said "Now I know why Harry only gained one pound to Sam's five! Because he has hyperthyroidism!" Hyperthyroidism has sort of fun symptoms: Constant hunger but no weight gain, lots of vocalizing (Harry is VERY chatty), very little sleep, lots of activity. We never would have guessed he was sick, since he seemed so happy and healthy. But no. Medication time! $40 per month. Then, once his thyroid calms down, he gets to have dental surgery and a lumpectomy (his jaw has a lump). $700! If I want the thyroid "cured" I'd need to do a very expensive radiation treatment. And I couldn't hold him for a week, since he'd be radioactive! Interesting, but scary.

Sam (14?): Sam is fat fat fat. Sam needs his teeth done. Sam hasn't had his bloodwork done yet, because they decided Harry's teeth were bad enough that he had to be done first, and they like to do the bloodwork right before the surgery. But he'll need at least $200 worth of dental work and about $200 for the urinalysis and bloodwork. I dread the bloodwork -- it'll be such fun to find out which condition Sam has, and how much it will cost.

Lesson to be learned: Do not have cats who are all around the same age. Stagger them by several years -- otherwise they all hit their sell-by date at the same time, make you sad, and cost you a small fortune. And get pet insurance. Which you can't afford when your pets are already elderly. Sigh.

I need a third job!
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Sam, my beautiful lump of fur, has gained FIVE POUNDS IN ONE YEAR! He weighs 18 pounds now! Eighteen!

This is only partially my fault, I swear! They were pretty hefty when I adopted them, and I never put them on a diet to change that (although I really should have). But their weight was pretty stable for the first five years I owned them.

And then I moved in with Mom...

My mother's idea of feeding the cats is basically give them whatever they want, whenever they want it. I have asked her repeatedly to stop, but she's stubborn, and she's the one home with them all day. I brought both Sam and Harry to the vet today (such a fun way to spend my vacation, seriously) and my nice vet told me she'd never seen such a gain in one year! Ever!

Sam's healthy otherwise, but needs dental work. Harry has gained one pound over the same year (he weighs 14 pounds, now) and needs dental work, too. I have giant enormous fat fat cats! Even GreyKitty is 9 pounds.

So Mom and I are going to have a little talk today...

Sam, last summer, before being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey
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I had reason yesterday to walk into my Mom's room and say "You'd better watch your back, old woman!" To which she naturally replied "And why would that be?"

I ticked them off on my fingers. "First me. Then Dad. And now GreyKitty! I am Diabetes Mary, spreading the fun all around. All that's left is you! I'm telling you, watch your back!"

This weekend GreyKitty got diagnosed with diabetes. She's 15 years old and starting to slow down a bit, but other than her scary zipper operation last spring to remove a cyst, was in decent health. The vet had noticed a slight kidney problem the last time we were there, but he said we'd just monitor it and see how it went. My first cat, Xing, had chronic renal failure that she died from, so I was pretty familiar with the progression of kidney failure over time. GreyKitty lately has had a lot of kidney-type symptoms — drinking a lot, peeing a lot, peeing in bad places (other than the box), etc. I figured it was about time to get her to the vet, so I scheduled an appointment for this coming week, while I'm on vacation. But Thursday night she looked really bad. Lethargic, listless, not interested in eating, dehydrated, all the bad kitty stuff.

I got her in to the vet the next morning, and he ran all the usual tests — bloodwork, urine, etc. He gave her subcutaneous fluids and sent us home, telling me he'd call me the next day with the results. The phone rang and I was so steeled to hear "renal failure" that I almost tap-danced when he said diabetes.

Because of course cats can live with diabetes (or "the beedies", as Rob calls it) for years and years. With renal failure they generally last six months (even with sub-q fluids). So that's very good.

What's minorly bad is that now I am tied to a 12-hour cycle. I have to get her on a food / insulin schedule that we can both live with, and closely watch her all the time for symptoms, and generally hover. I don't pay that close attention to my OWN diabetes, so maybe this will be good for both of us...?

There's a ton of info out there about feline diabetes. However, I'm interested if anyone has any first-hand experience with long-term pet diabetes and insulin and feeding? Do you do glucose monitoring at home? Do you allow food grazing, or stick to specific meals only? Any comments greatly appreciated!

I've already given her her first two insulin shots with no problem. Many more to go, I'm hoping!

GreyKitty in healthier times:

— And [ profile] cicadabug, we were just really really really not meant to go to New Mexico this time. Sheesh!
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Sam and GreyKitty, naptime.
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If Sam read LJ, he'd be upset with me that the only picture of him I posted was his backside looking for a mouse, so in fairness I present to you...Sam:

Isn't he a pretty boy? I love his speckled nose. As usual, other pictures here.

A set of pet photos. In case you can't get enough.
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The Mighty Hunter
Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.
Sam hasn't put two and two together to get "mouse all gone now"


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