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So we sent a "we're not coming" email to the client that had vanished, and I just logged in to work email and HE STILL NEVER REPLIED! It is the most bizarre thing. I cannot imagine how this guy (who used to work for our company as a consultant — so he's super tuned in to communication skills, you know?) just decides that not answering us is a good idea! Of course I don't understand how my bosses decided that email was the best method of communication, either. It is a puzzle, indeed. But it's not MY puzzle, so yay for being a low rung. So then I decided to take this week off. Really need it! Just need some brain space.

Tue: Walking 30 min, weight lifting 10 min (lunch break)
Wed: Walking 35 min, stationary bike 10 min
Thur: Nada
Fri: Nada (yep, missed class AGAIN!)
Sat: Walking 35 min
Sun: Walking 30 min
Mon: Walking 20 min, stationary bike 10 min, weight lifting 45 min
(my teacher asked where I was the last few classes. I lied and said I was busy at work. Ah, well. I suppose he's heard "I just wasn't feeling it, coach" loads of times and I just could have been honest. He's not being nosy, he just knows my goals and wanted to make sure I was still doing my cardio. I reassured him.)

The shorter walking times are directly treadmill-related. I can't stand being on the treadmill for a whole hour, and I just can't make myself do it. So I don't. It's better if I go off into the world. But if it rains, or I am short on time, or it is late in the day and prime mosquito time, then treadmill it is. It's all good, right? I'm getting more exercise than a lot of people, and way more than I ever used to get. I also walk faster on the treadmill than out in the wild, and my speed is (obviously) way more consistent. I've gone from an average speed of 3mph to 3.5mph, so that's a big win. I also can check my heart rate on the treadmill: I still haven't bought a heart rate monitor, so having it on the treadmill is pretty convenient. If my heart rate isn't in the "fat burning" zone I can increase the incline and crank the speed a little. I am probably going to add in my fitbit data one of these entries. Just be interesting to track (not for you, I'm sure, but I write this mostly for me).

I finally did a measurements spreadsheet. While I was plowing through scraps of paper (see below) I found a scrap I'd written measurements on earlier in the year. Idiotically, I didn't date the scrap, so I just know it was a few months ago. And comparing that with now, I've lost an inch here, a half inch there, another inch over that's super.

If I have one regret for this whole weight loss process, it's that I didn't take measurements as I started. I wish I had measurements and some before pictures. I can find a few here and there, some really awful ones, but nothing full body. A few sitting down. One horrible one of me in shorts by Patrick's pool in the early 2000s. But I wish I just had a whole body before.

I took Saturday in addition to all this week (my Labor Day holiday), so I will have 10 full days off when it's done. I'm not traveling or anything. I have a lot of house stuff I want to get done. I have a few ideas of fun things to do also, however. For example, next Monday I am going to do two fun things. First, I've never actually been apple picking, so I'm going to do that with my work pal Joanne. Then, since we'll already be somewhere kinda remote, we decided we'd hit the Big E for a few hours. She's originally from Springfield, so the Big E is sort of her old stomping grounds; I haven't been in probably 20 years, so I guess I'm due! Should be fun. I plan to take many pictures, probably of cows.

I already did a couple of fun things: on Saturday I went clothes shopping. Mom had given me some cash to spend on clothes for my birthday, so I decided I'd look around in Marshall's. It still amazes me that I can find things that fit me there. And that they fit right off the rack. And that they're cheap! It's sort of miraculous. I need outerwear (the jacket I wore last spring made Patrick wince every time. "It's falling off of you! Will you buy a new jacket for god's sake!") and new fall things might be nice, too. I found a couple of vest-type jackets, so I'm still not done in the outerwear category, but I also found some good tops, another dress (!), and some awesome socks. (they're so awesome I might go back for more) I don't know what it is about the lighting in the changing rooms, but I always feel like I look great while I'm in there. My phone's camera does not capture the lighting properly, but here you go:

Me in the changing room at Marshall's

On Sunday Patrick and I walked down to the Victorian Fair in Melrose, and it turned out to be surprisingly fun. I expected it to be sort of half-assed and lame, but there were thousands of people there and a lot of things to see and eat and interact with. I had fried dough, because it is my favorite. Patrick got kettle corn because it is his favorite. We shared. There were strange things at the fair, including statue actors in steampunk and copper paint. There was a man dressed as Lincoln. There was Santa. There was a Victorian Lady complete with parlor setting. There were National Guardsmen and their Humvee. There were crazy people and lots of kids and dogs.

Statue Actors in steampunk finery Too soon! AUGH!

After, we had lunch accidentally at Sonic — we had intended to go elsewhere, but there was freak traffic on rte 1 and we were thirsty and nothing says thirst-slaker like Sonic. And OMG! They have this awesome low-cal Cherry Limeade. 20 cals for a large! SO EXCITED, because it was good. And tots are 220 cals. So I had some of those, too. I haven't been to Sonic since I started dieting, so that was sorta keen.

Last night I finally dealt with my mail. I am pretty slacktastic about my mail in general. It comes in, I glance at it, and unless it's something unusual I just toss it in a bag to deal with eventually. It's dumb, but there you go. I pay all my bills online, so it's not like I need return envelopes or anything. So last night I plowed through it. I made a stack of the charities that are begging me for cash, and once I have a little extra I'll be sending those out. Best to do now, before the Christmas rush. They need money all year, right?

Because I became a member of the Peabody Essex Museum and the Museum of Science this last year I've also been getting museum spam. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum wants me to be a "charter" member, and MOMA also would like me to cough up some dosh. Shall I be all arts-patrony? I don't know. Maybe! We'll see how much I can afford. I do love the Gardner. And I've still never been to MOMA. OH! and the local zoos have been hitting me up, too (that's probably because of the museum of science). I dunno about that one. How often would I actually go to the zoo in one year? Zoos make me sad. I don't think I can be sad more than once every few years.

Today was back to chores day. Had a funny mother moment: She's been convinced that the friendly cat from next door is dead. We used to get regular visits from said cat until Mom yelled at the woman who owned it, saying it was going to get hit by a car if she didn't keep it inside because we live on a busy intersection. So sure enough, soon after, the cat vanishes. Haven't seen him/her in months. I tried to convince my mother that the cat's owner had taken her advice. She was convinced that the cat was dead, though, because she always jumps to the worst possible explanation for something. So today it's finally cold enough outside that the cat's owner took her A/C out of her window, and when I came home I glance up and there was the cat right in the window. Came inside, pointed it out to Mom, and she says "Oh! They must have gotten another cat."
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I've recently noticed how differently everyone in my little group of friends/family reacts to injury or illness.

When my mother gets sick, she wanders around the house talking about where the insurance policies are and how much I'll get when she's dead, and to whom to sell the antiques. She will eventually drive to her doctor's office and sit in the waiting room until her doctor can fit her in, and then will come home convinced her doctor knows nothing (because she's told my mother that nothing is wrong with her).

One of my friends calls me each time she injures herself -- usually before she even bandages herself up! She tells me a funny story about how she did it, and then I encourage her to stop bleeding on the floor and call a paramedic or something. She's pretty accident-prone so I get a lot of calls.

Another friend of mine is very stoic when he gets ill. He will get sicker and sicker and sicker, and only when he is actually vomiting green bile will he go to the doctor -- although by then he's already pretty much diagnosed himself. He's got a remarkably complicated series of illnesses behind him, of the type that doctors will say "this doesn't generally happen to adults" or "I've never seen this in anyone under 95 before," so that's pretty impressive.

And me? When I get sick my first instinct is to get online and check out WebMD. Sometimes I type my symptoms into Google. This week I had (I think) tendonitis, so I typed my guess into WebMD, found out that it would be pointless to see a doctor (which is generally the advice I'm looking for), and followed WebMD's remedies. The next day I was better.

I am SUCH a librarian.
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Like a cat to catnip
Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.

New piano! And sized to fit in the apartment, which is very good. Her brother and sisters sent it to her as a surprise.

Mom is now a happy chick. She's not played much since she retired, since we've never owned a piano, so she's planning now on practicing a lot so she can go volunteer at the local nursing home. I told her she should teach lessons, too. She's thinking about it.

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A conversation I had with Patrick the other day (warning:  kind of looooong):

L:   I had a Suzanne moment of Suzanne-ness last night!

P:    Oh?

L:   So I leave my nice air conditioned room to go to the basement and move some laundry from the washer into the dryer.  I pop on the light in the kitchen along the way and...

L:   ...wait for it....

P:   .........................


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