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I woke up today to gorgeous weather. Perfect temperature, no humidity, sunny skies. Mom brought me breakfast and gave me some birthday cards (one with cash in, my favorite!) and some lottery tickets (I won $25). After breakfast I decided I'd head up to the Peabody Essex Museum. Really wanted to see the Ansel Adams exhibit. Arrived just in time to tour the exhibit with a docent, so heard some good context while I was looking at everything. I have loved Ansel Adams's work for my entire life — Dad was a photographer, so I grew up with photography books, magazines, and prints all around me. It was pretty neat to be in the same room as photographs Adams printed himself. I decided that I really like his later-in-life work more than his earlier work. He apparently changed the way he printed his own work over time and would revisit earlier negatives and print them again. His later stuff was more contrasty than his earlier stuff, and I'm a huge fan of contrast. The curator for this show decided that he'd try to get prints that were from the same basic time as when the photos were taken, so that was pretty interesting. The curator also tried to represent works from throughout his life, so they had something he took when he was 13 (impressive that they had it, unremarkable as a work). They ranged in size from 3" to room-sized.

No photography allowed inside (IRONY) but here's a good write-up with a few good examples. "Stream, Sea, Clouds" was really impressive in person, as was "Submerged Trees, Slide Lake"

So that was awesome. I left, got a burrito at my fave burrito place, then headed over to the Salem Willows Park. They have a decent arcade there, and I was able to play much pinball. Only $0.25 for most of them! I liked the Sopranos one a lot, however, and that was $0.50. Jerks! When I left I wandered around the park, admiring the willows that it was named for, and got some soft serve — CREAMSICLE flavored! Awesome.

Creamsicle Soft Serve

Came home, read the internet a little, then decided I had to keep to Birthday Tradition and go to a (preferably bad) movie. Decided that "The Expendables 2" would fit the bill nicely, so hied myself off to the local cineplex. Delightfully awful in a wonderful way. And now! With added Chuck Norris AND Jean-Claude Van Damme. That's right! VAN DAMAGE! So I enjoyed the hell out of that (although the first one had a plot, which this one really didn't, and it didn't do dumb things like say "I'll meet you at the checkpoint" and then have the guy mysteriously aboard the plane that the rest of them boarded via jetski—but hey! that's all minor quibble stuff).

Got a birthday call from [ profile] zanzjan who is having shoulder surgery in the morn tomorrow, so we talked about that. She will find out when she wakes up if she has a couple days of recovery or a whole month, so that's kinda scary! Send "white sling" thoughts her way (because the alternative is "black sling").

Got 2 slices of cake from the bakery (they sell it by the slice) for me and mother. Tomorrow night is birthday dinner with P at Ruth's Chris, so that should be awesome. Thursday is birthday dinner with Jenn at somewhere in Kendall Square that we've never been to before (my choice). My coworker Joanne made me a birthday tart which was delicious. I bought myself birthday flowers, which are awesome. Got some e-cards from my aunties. Got lots of facebook greetings. Had home-cooked birthday dinner. I guess birthday #48 is just about a wrap! It was a good one.

Birthday Flowers

Altered Images says it best:

Other pix at flickr.
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[ profile] slipdragon!!

Smoochies! Let's make this a great year, babe!

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[ profile] p_j_cleary!!

Have the happiest of days, my friend. May your day be filled with much cake and many presents!


Jan. 3rd, 2009 12:36 am
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Happy Birthday,
[ profile] sarcasticah!!

May your day be filled with cake and presents!

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Happy Birthday,
[ profile] p_j_cleary!!!

May the day bring you much cake and many presents!!
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So birthday week is just about over 'round these parts. There's only a couple of pieces of cake left in the fridge, I've been treated to dinner by Patrick and Jenn, I have lovely presents (a new down comforter! an amazon gift cert! $ for clothes!), and I had my birthday dinner with Mom. Add to that some birthday cards and many nice greetings (thanks!), and I am happy. And old, did I mention old?

But still, pretty happy!
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So I have the cheerleader, Lightning Bolt, Trinity, Super Junior, Queen Gudrun, and Google God all sharing my special day today. It's like having my own team of Super Friends!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear us, happy birthday to us!!

[I want to add the lesser Arquette to the team, but he doesn't fit the new rules. Sorry, lesser Arquette! But hey, happy birthday anyway!]
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] zanzjan !!!

Have a GREAT Day!!!


Jan. 3rd, 2008 07:15 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] sarcasticah!!!
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All together now...

Happy Birthday [ profile] p_j_cleary!!!

And because you're on Pacific Time, you get three extra hours of birthday!
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Happy Birthday To Me! Happy Birthday TO ME!...

1. Return item to Target
2. Buy luggage at Target
3. Return item to CVS
4. Buy tiny travel size things at CVS
5. Fill Rx at Walgreens
6. Fill one cat's Rx at vet
7. Take different cat to vet
8. Bring rolled coins to bank
9. Change dentist appointment
10. Confirm gyn appointment
11. Do laundry for mom
12. Do own laundry
13. Watch favorite team lose five games to the Damned Yankees!!
14. Change litter box
15. Wash floors
16. Vacuum 2 couches free of catfur
17. Clean up cat vomit
18. Clean up more cat vomit
19. Oh for god's sake, more??? Stop eating!

...Happy Birthday Dear ME! Happy Birthday To Me!...

and to [ profile] dajt. Jay, I hope yours is good, or at least cat vomit free!!

ok, I did have a good strawberries and creme frappuccino. And the day's only half over...I'll stop the pity party! After all, most of the chores are preparing for vacation! Hard to get too upset by that!
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Today Is My Birthday
Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.
I must have been very good this year. Whoooooo-HooOOOOO!! This is so unbelieveable, I am still kind of reeling. Thanks, Patrick!

Now I have to start reading the manual. Thanks for the homework!


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