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Jan. 2nd, 2015 11:39 pm
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Another year ALREADY?

Although in many ways it feels like I have lived two or three years this year. But since most of it was boring or stressful, it doesn't feel like much was accomplished, so it feels like it should be no further into the year than mid September.

Glad to say goodbye to it, really. I didn't have the worst year ever, though. I mean, I had my worst health year ever, but the year my Dad died (11 years ago today) was a pretty shitty year. That was probably the worst. Hell, even a few years ago when I had a different health crisis and had to move out of my apartment, that was a pretty shitty year. A couple of years before when I had pneumonia and the goiter diagnosis and the eventual surgery, etc., not a great year. This one? Was scary a couple of times, and sad a couple of times, and definitely painful a lot, but wasn't the worst. I'm happy it's over, nevertheless.


In 2014 I had:
  • 1 endoscopy
  • 5 CAT scans
  • 20+ chest x-rays
  • 10 PT visits for my back and leg
  • 2 gallons (hyperbolically estimated) worth of blood tests
  • 30u of insulin per day because of high blood sugar
  • 1 episode of bronchitis that lasted about 6 weeks
  • 1 major surgery involving partial sternotomy filmed by Frontline crew*
  • 2 thoracentises (fluid drained from the lungs via a big-ass needle)
  • 2 EKGs
  • 1 echocardiogram
  • 1 pulmonary function test
  • 1 regular stress test
  • 1 invasive stress test which involves a catheter being inserted into the neck down into the heart
  • XX doctors' visits with not sure how many doctors
  • 2 wisdom teeth extracted
  • 1 root canal
  • 1 eye test where the eye doctor said there are a couple of "small bleeds" in my eye
  • 4 prescriptions for antibiotics
  • $165,911.70 charged to my insurance so far in medical bills
  • 18 pounds gained

    In 2014 I read/watched/wrote/took/attended/planted/had/socialized with/got/attained:
  • 39 books
  • 134+ movies
  • XXX hours of television
  • 26 blog entries
  • 630 photographs
  • 2 shows (Luka Bloom and The Book of Mormon)
  • 1 family reunion with 31 relatives
  • 4 flower-boxes on my porch for the first time
  • 1 4-day mini-vacation on the Cape
  • 3+ occasions of playing pinball
  • 2 trips to western Mass to hang with Suzanne
  • 1 fancy dinner with 2 college roommates who live on the west coast
  • 15+ new CDs (yay new music!)
  • 1 pedicure (first time!)
  • 2 surprise birthday parties (one at family reunion, one at P's house!)
  • 6 pairs of earrings at aforementioned birthday party
  • 1 robot (MINT!)
  • 2 weeks off for Christmas vacation
  • And finally, I managed to make it to 50

    The two sections pretty much balance each other out, I think. The crappy and the good. The health stuff vs. the fun stuff. Since hopefully the health stuff is resolving as much as it can**, maybe this new shiny year will have a lot less on the sucky side so the good side can totally overbalance it. Because I feel like I'm really due for a win!

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  • books 2013

    Dec. 27th, 2013 10:03 pm
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    I don't expect anyone will read this! It's pretty long. Previously I'd update each month, but somehow this year has gotten away from me altogether, and I haven't updated since the end of March! I had written a few of these along the way, but mostly this is just quickie review crap. Made it to 56 books read this year, but a few were more reference materials, and a couple I haven't finished.

    Books Read 2013 within )
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    I need to make some progress on things. One of those things is my obsessive list-keeping, so here's the movie part. Movies watched either in the theater, from Redbox on DVD, from Amazon Prime on streaming, or on HBO. January and February I'm not certain of the source, because I am too lazy to look that far back. I don't count movies that air on regular cable or that I just watch part of, or that I've seen a million times. I don't think I used Netflix much this year. I wish Redbox and Amazon Prime showed viewing history. Redbox does, but it only goes back 45 days, not all time. Amazon Prime only shows what you bought or rented, not what you viewed for "free".

    Movies Watched 2013 within )

    ...I think that works out to 95? 15 in the theater. Redbox costs $1.20 or $1.50 for Blu-ray plus tax each, so I spent about a hundred there. Which is amusing, since I spent way more than that on the 14 in the theater! I did do a bunch of matinees in the spring, so I saved a little. There will probably be a few more in the theater before the first. I hope.

    My favorites: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Mud, Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Pacific Rim, Stoker, Warm Bodies. Second tier: Bourne, Looper, Ted, Seven Psychopaths, The Descendants, Oblivion, Hansel and Gretel, Elysium, Gravity, World War Z, Hunger Games 2, The Hobbit 2.

    WORST EVER: Alex Cross/Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning/Force of Execution. Honestly, it's a three-way tie. Alex Cross was just unspeakably bad, why is Tyler Perry allowed to make movies? Universal Soldier is incomprehensible mush. And Force of Execution? So bad. No one to root for, no one does what people would do in those situations, ridiculous waste of Danny Trejo. Ugh.

    Special mention for sucking: pretty much everything John Cusack did lately (The Raven, The Numbers Station, The Factory, and The Frozen Ground). They weren't TERRIBLE, but lord, they weren't good. The Raven was the best of them, but someone must have told him "less, John, less!". Talk about understated: he was barely awake in any of these.

    2013 Books read to follow.
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    I've been reading online journals and/or blogs since 1998, when Patrick started keeping one. When I'd start reading a new person, I would always read their archives, and generally I'd start at the first entry and read forward -- an especially lengthy process with daily updaters like Kymm, but I persevered. It was kind of like reading a novel with really really short chapters, and I usually found it much more fulfilling than just reading current entries. How has the writer changed? What's new in his/her life?

    However, it's now 2006, and starting to read a "new" blog/journal means (usually) that there are many years of entries that I'd have to read to fulfill my compulsion. So now I usually read at least the last year, but sometimes no more than that. Now this only applies to personal or journal-style blogs. I don't back-read political or links journals like Daily Kos, BoingBoing, Metafilter, or kottke. But if I started reading your blog this year, for example, I'd go back to January of 2005 and read forward until I got caught up. This still feels incomplete to me, though, and makes me wonder what everyone else does.

    So my question to you is: Do you read archives? Do you skim archives? Do you just read current entries?

    BTW -- I've discovered a fairly easy way to read LJ archives: navigate to the first entry using the "calendar" option, but then once in the first entry click on "comments" -- that will allow you to navigate just using the arrows at the top of the comments view page (plus you'll get to see all the comments, too). There are a few bugs that way, but easy enough workarounds. (If you know a better way please share!)
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    Still pimpin' my reading blog; new entry reviewing Marvel 1602.

    New blog!

    Nov. 17th, 2005 01:40 am
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    I've started a new blog, a reading blog. I've been keeping track of every book I've been reading since I moved in May, writing brief reviews of them, and yesterday I decided to transfer them to a blog.

    I lost track of a few books from late August/early September — no idea what I read then! And I skipped a few books I read while preparing for class. But mostly they're all there. I think my mystery fiction jag can be explained by the New Releases browsing room in my local library. I tend to go there first, and they have the mysteries separated from all the other new releases. I think I need a little variety in my fiction reading!

    Anyway, I'll be updating that as I go, now that the past is all caught up. I expect my reading will pick up again once the semester is over (three more weeks, yay!).

    My new livejournal id is [ profile] greenstreetbks, or the URL is Please visit!
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    So if this guy can do this, I can certainly take a few photos every day. Updates will be posted in sets, by month. So this month's set is "July 2005". Clear?

    First Entry

    Jun. 8th, 2005 05:52 pm
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    Who stole my name? Both of my names!? All of my names! Ah well.


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