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Birthdate:Aug 21
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
21st century American geek female who likes the Red Sox and cats.

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20th century modern art, alan moore, alfred hitchcock, american pop culture, andres segovia, animals, art, atheism, bad movies, baseball, books, bookworms, boston red sox, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, cats, charles stross, chocolate, civil liberties, comic books, comic strips, communities, computers, converse all-stars, cotton, current affairs, dan clowes, democratic party, digital photography, doctor who, donnie darko, dorks, douglas adams, douglas coupland, down comforters, dr. who, eating, edward gorey, elvis costello, ewan mcgregor, falsifying statistics, films, firefly, geeks, graphic novels, harlan ellison, harry potter, hellboy, hugh jackman, ian anderson, ian mcdonald, ikea, indie rock, ipod, ipods, irvine welsh, janet evanovich, jeans, jethro tull, joe jackson, jon stewart, joss whedon, kate bush, kurt vonnegut, laptops, liberal, liberalism, librarians, libraries, library and information science, library science, linda thompson, literature, lloyd alexander, los bros hernandez, making fiends, making lists, modern art, movies, mp3s, music, mysteries, mythology, neil gaiman, nick hornby, nickel creek, october project, online journals, pablo picasso, peter bagge, pets, photography, photoshop, pop art, pop culture, pro-choice, punk rock, reading, records, red sox, richard thompson, rock, sarah vowell, science fiction, serenity, sf, sharpies, sneakers, star trek, steeleye span, stephen king, string, sub pop records, swimming, t-shirts, teddy thompson, the beatles, the clash, the white stripes, tmbg, travel, tv, used book stores, wi-fi, wikipedia, world affairs, writing, xtc
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