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I think my itchy brain is going to drive me completely mad.

I was playing with WebMD, trying to look up my symptoms, and it would seem that I either have a sinus infection, ear infection, or some kind of brain rot. It would be helpful if either my sinuses or ears actually let me know by specifically hurting. I had a brief earache on Thursday, but then it backed off. My actual illness is scurrying behind things, being all damned sneaky.

Ok, the brain rot was me being dramatic. WebMD is never quite that helpfully specific. All day at work we've been calling it my tumor, or my aneurysm. Hey! Check that! I just spelled aneurysm correctly. I guess it might not be brain rot.


Nov. 7th, 2007 12:29 am
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When I moved in with Mom a couple of years ago I started to get back on the health maintenance thing. I'd been kind of slack about going to medical appointments, but gradually I worked my way up to regular everything. Dentist, gyn, regular doctor, even getting my regular mammograms.

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So the root canal was rather routine, really. If you've never had one, it's basically an elaborate filling, with a ton of drilling and many many odd tools, but no pain at all and nothing scary.  They numbed me up (I think it was three shots of whatever) very effectively, and I had zero pain afterward, too. They told me to take preventative Advil for 24 hours so I did that, but the only thing I felt at all was a tiny bit of jaw soreness from having my mouth propped open for an hour. I went right back to work after it was over, too.

The endodontist that did my tooth travels to my dentist's regular office on Saturdays, which is very convenient for me as my regular dentist's office is in Woburn, and her office is in Lexington. Saved me some driving, especially since I wanted to go during a work shift. She brought huge tackle boxes of tools, and she also brought her own assistant, too. They were extremely efficient, with the assistant anticipating everything the dentist needed and never screwing up, and all of it at breakneck speed.  Sometimes when I have a good medical experience I think I'd like to change careers and do something in the medical field. The pay is good, the work is unambiguous, it can be pretty satisfying I'm sure, and you aren't constantly waiting for some middle manager to decide to do something. 

On the other hand, I'm kind of a misanthrope. Probably be bad for me to be digging around in people's mouths trying to cure them when I don't really like them.

I go in on the 30th for the titanium post and another deep gum cleaning on that tooth, so that day may be a little more unpleasant. But overall, not too bad. I still am angry that it had to happen at all, but at least it wasn't a bad experience.  


Oct. 8th, 2007 07:08 pm
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Today I went to the dentist (my hygienist likes to see me every three months) and was told that my one tiny troubled gum area now has advanced to needing a root canal! 

I am horrified! I've never had serious issues with my teeth, ever! Ever! And now they want to kill one of my teeth for good. I am practically in mourning, I swear! It's not the procedure — I am no wimp, especially not at the dentist. It's the end result! And it feels wrong. I currently have no pain, the tooth looks good, it's just the gum on one side of one tooth is puffy, and root canal seems wrong. Wrong! I have the procedure scheduled for Saturday, but I'm going to call around tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment to get a second opinion. 

Root canal!


Oct. 2nd, 2007 03:39 pm
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Damn, these Red Cross bitches were inept. I had an appointment for 1:15; didn't leave until 3:30. Feel like I've been chewed upon by fisher cats. I have "small veins" and every one of them was nervous about sticking me. Finally the new girl (I learned later) went for it. Arg! She kept moving the needle around...I am going to have bruise from HELL. I already have a bruise, in fact.

Ah well, good deed done! No real regrets.
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I used to donate blood very regularly, then I started taking meds and I wasn't able to — until recently, I guess! They must have decided that certain medications are ok, so I can donate again. Yay!

And so should you, if you can: Find a drive. We're having a drive at work next week, so that makes it easy for me. Their list of allowed/not allowed is a little more specific than the list on the Red Cross site; not sure why. But I make the cut, so woo!


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