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The last couple of days of vacation were pretty productive. I managed to finish weeding all the books. All my non-fiction is now organized and fits on the shelves I have, with no additional books in front of them, and with two shelves extra (Brian's stuff, and my puzzles and games). Very satisfying. I still have way too many books. I guess maybe every spring I'll do another weeding (as one does). I removed about 160 books; not entirely certain, but that's a close-enough number, bringing my two-time total to over 500 books out the door. Feels good.

I also cleaned up the downstairs completely and it looks pretty good now! We're planning on making some changes in the kitchen when we have some energy (ok, maybe that's just me), but for now things look good and work well. On Monday I didn't do a lot. A few chores for mom and for me. Read some. Napped some. Prepped a little to go back to work. I don't remember anything else remarkable...oh, wait! I remember, I was inspired by

Big Blue

my new CD palace (isn't it cute? I heart it), and started my music cataloging in earnest. I updated both my ipod and iphone, got through noting everything that's already on the 'pod in a spreadsheet, deleted duplicates, cleaned out orphans, basically got things in ship-shape. I need to finish cataloging the CDs, and then tackle the hard drive. But I have made a lot of progress, and feel confident that I have almost all of my music now sorted out and readily available for playing. Yet more progress.

My next project will be much easier. I need to get rid of some clothes. That doesn't need to take more than an evening after work, however. I need new stuff, and frankly until I get rid of old I have nowhere for new. Motivation! I have no emotional attachment to my clothes; I find it dead easy to just pile stuff in bags and bring 'em to goodwill, so this project should be very easy. Yay, easy!

This week back to work has been a little better. I've been calmer. I have weird physical symptoms this week, though. One of my ankles has swollen up a couple of times in the evening, which doesn't hurt or anything but is weird to see. My other leg has a really tight tendon or something that makes it very painful to get up. I have pretty much convinced myself that I need to go back to physical therapy. I am hugely grateful that my health insurance allows me 100 physical therapy visits per calendar year. I just wish the co-pays weren't $15. If I go three times per week that's $45, or $180 per month. I don't really want to have to afford it, but hey, it would be nice to be able to get out of a chair readily, right? And they can work on my back again. It still sucks. Man, I hate this getting old business.

So that's been the week. I started this morning, as I do every morning, by opening the shades for the cat so she can sunbathe all day. Today, however, the shade smacked the bedside lamp onto my bed, where the bulb shattered most spectacularly. Broken light bulb in my bed, on the chair, all over the floor! And I was running late to work, so I only had time for the barest cleanup. Had to spend this evening moving the bed, changing the sheets, sweeping everywhere, changing the pillowcases, etc. I have a rule: no glasses on the second floor. We use plastic cups, so if something gets knocked over the place where we're barefoot a lot (bathroom is on the second floor too) is still safe for our tender feet. Sigh. Not from marauding light bulbs, though! Tricky bastards.

Hopefully as I fling myself into my new sheets tonight I will not shred myself to death. Wish me luck!


Apr. 30th, 2011 11:37 pm
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Ah, only two days left, now. It's ok, it's been a good vacation. Of the staycation kind.

Yesterday I continued my book weeding, but I had to pause late afternoon to take Ria to the vet. She had been sneezing a lot for a couple of days, and I didn't want to go into the weekend without having someone look at her. It came on very suddenly, and as she's an indoor cat with no exposure to other cats I had no idea what it could be.

After a pretty thorough exam, my vet said that she probably is having a flare-up of feline herpes. Say what? I'd never even heard of feline herpes. Apparently it's common in ex-feral or shelter kitties (of which Ria is one). Much like other forms of herpes, once you get it there's no cure. In cats, it manifests as a respiratory illness. And because it's viral, there isn't much they can do for it. He told me to keep an eye on her discharge, and if it turns something other than clear she might have a secondary infection and she should go on antibiotics. But for now, I just listen to sad kitty sneezes. She's so annoyed by it; she gets so indignant every time she has a sneezing fit. It's making her super affectionate, too, which is so NOT Ria. Brian's away for the weekend and she spent last night cuddled up to me in bed. Very cute, and so sad! Sick kitties are sad kitties.

I brought her home, then headed over to Burlington to hit the local L.L. Bean. I was hoping to find some shoes, and I was hoping to get my bag (that I bought there about three years ago) fixed or replaced. Alas! I failed at both. Nothing in my size that I liked or that felt good on my feet, and the bag was discontinued. They were willing to give me a credit for it, but I can still use it and it's perfect for work, so no thanks. (The strap had a failure point, and I've basically carabiner-ed it together, but I was hoping their returns policy would help me get a new strap. No joy!)

Did more book sorting and weeding last night. Today I wanted to go to IKEA. I had all my CDs in various places in the house, and the main storage thing I had for it was really rickety and frankly way too small. Even after I'd weeded out hundreds of CDs last fall, I still have almost 700. IKEA's Benno in blue to the rescue. Patrick and I drove down, got some Swedish meatballs in the cafe, then wandered around a bit. I bought a plant, some plant pots, four Bennos, and a basket. Patrick bought nothing, but did all my heavy lifting for me. Brought them upstairs, even! I spent the afternoon assembling them and filling them with my CDs, and finally every CD I own is in one place! Very nice. And I am digging the blue. Very cheerful. I will take some pix tomorrow when there is light.

My knees are death right now, so as much as I'd like to spend a few more hours and wrap up the book project I think it needs to wait until morning. I'm going to pound some more 'profen and crawl into bed with sick kitty and kindle. Dexter is distracting!


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