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So they finally found the REAL ACTUAL problem with the car. The power junction box had to be replaced; it was causing a short of some kind, so that when I used something like the rear defrost or the heat or something (they weren't sure which thing) it would cause a drain when the car was off. But only sometimes. They found it because I said "the only things I've been doing differently this week than the last time was that I used the rear defrost, used the seat warmer, and probably ran the heat some" and so they put everything on, then turned the car off and found the drain. Yay!

The part cost $850. Boo!

But in theory it's fixed. I guess we'll see. A week so far and everything is fine.

Been busy at work. Happier with it. Got a bonus. They gave me a full actual bonus based on my annual salary, rather than a pro-rated this is how long you've worked so far bonus, so that was super nice and unexpected. I am using up my accrued vacation time the last week of the year (I have 39 hours, so between Dec 20 and Jan 1 I need to work 1 hour) so I am eagerly waiting for the next two weeks to pass.

On the other hand, I probably should do some Christmas shopping for people before then. I bought mother a present and a couple of small things, and that's it. I spent pretty much all of my bonus already by fixing my car, so I need to wait til Friday for any serious shopping. I am determined to not use a dime of credit card money from here on out, maybe for the rest of my life if I can swing it, so everything will have to wait til after the 13th. I had planned to clean up the living room some and put up the tree this weekend but I just didn't get to it. I'll do it in stages after work this week.

Going to see P's show on the 13th with Jenn; that should be fun. Jenn also picked us up tickets for The Book of Mormon for April, so that should be fun, too. ("Tickets? I love tickets!")

I got nothing else, really. I have a yule log video on my other screen, so it's sorta soothing. I've been toggling mute on and off, because dear god, some of the music is dreadful. Vince Guaraldi is there, but so is Kenny G.

Evidence that I am not exercising enough: I had to spend some time today picking out books to listen to at Audible because I had 12 credits stacked up and that felt wasteful. 12! So now I have 10 new titles, 2 credits in reserve, and no time to listen to books. The job requires too much of my brain to listen while I work, and the walking is cold and outside, and usually done with Patrick lately at lunchtime, so no listening options there. My commute is 15-20 minutes most days, so I won't get too far in any book. I'll have to give that a shot, though, because that's all I got.
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So I have been thinking about the new year, and I started with the buy nothing (much) resolution. I would like to get the rest of my consumer debt gone before I hit fifty, and just leave myself my student loan debt (a lot less of that, too). It's doable, but probably only if I get a part time job, or if I get a new full time job that pays really well. So resolution #2 is to find a new job this year. For reals.

Next up is health. For two+ months I've been very unmotivated. My knee hurt, physical therapy was ok but ultimately unsuccessful (I mean, it's better, but it's not back to normal), and it got cold and dark outside. I put on 10 pounds! Some days it's 12. So it's back on the exercise wagon, and snacks have to go back to being the healthful kind and not the awesome kind. I am pretty sure I can swim with this knee problem. And screw the knee anyway. It's not the boss of me!

I've also got my deliberate fun idea from a previous post. Don't rely on fun just happening; become more deliberate about seeking it out. It's harder while I live with Mom. She's not a fan of spontaneity. She also has a lot of fear-based little-old-lady issues. Going out at night is dangerous! Being alone in the house is also dangerous! Leaving the house empty is dangerous! So I need to find a better solution to dealing with her fears so I can still go have fun. It's easier to cave, but I need to not do that so much.

My final thought is to get some learnin'. I need to get my skills all polished and shiny, and I'd like to get some more practice in some other things.

1. Stuff, get none
2. Job, get one
3. Health, get more
4. Fun, have lots
5. Learning, get some

Next up: how to schedule this stuff into my life so I actually do them!
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So [ profile] kymmz posted a thought on Facebook today that she'd like to have a no-buying year, and I think with a few exceptions I'm going to try to do the same. I always think that I don't spend any money on myself, but if I really examine my spending habits, I'm totally delusional in that regard.

So I need to think about my additional costs beyond food, gas, bills. Anything extra, really. If I look at it broken down by annual, monthly, and daily charges it might be a little easier to think about.

  • I currently subscribe to Wired and Entertainment Weekly, as I have for over 10 years, and this last year I haven't read one word of either of them. I could see about subscribing on iPad only, so maybe instead of completely cancelling I'll see if it's cheaper there. It would be greener, anyway. So that's either a cancel or keep, but modified
  • Flickr: stays, I still actively use it all the time
  • I have museum memberships at the Museum of Science and at the Peabody Essex Museum. I like them both, but I think I'll cancel the MoS. I got it because I work next to it and never go. I've gone a few times, now, and I won't be working next to it beyond the next few months. It's probably a waste. The PEM will probably stay, because I like to support community stuff
  • I am thinking of adding a membership to the ICA, but I want to go there first and see if I like it. They have events on the first Friday each month (free for members) and they all seem pretty cool (movies and performances and such).
  • I have a YMCA membership. I haven't been in over two months due to my knee and elbow, but I am going to start swimming again so that stays
  • Netflix: stays, Mom uses HOURS AND HOURS of it per week. Going to get rid of the CD side of it, though
  • Audible: stays, since it's the only thing that's worked to keep me happy while walking or working out
So that's all the monthly and annual extra costs. Since I'm keeping most of them, no hardship for me there. The hardship will come with the daily stuff. I do most of mother's shopping for her — the drug store, Target, clothing, gifts for others that she wants to give, snacks, the lottery, etc. Which means I can't just avoid those stores. I will have to think of visits to them as unpleasant tasks, and not as invitations to browse. I can wander around for a half hour in Target and come out $150 poorer without even realizing it. My weaknesses are organizational things, bags, gadgets, cat toys (that's a new one), accessories like wallets and gloves, etc. But honestly, I HAVE THEM ALL. I don't need more! I think a solution here is to note down everything I want to buy but don't. Some kind of attagirl. Maybe I'll note it here.

To prepare for this I decided to get my planned purchases out of the way before the New Year. I had to return some Xmas gifts from Mom — she seems to have disappeared down some "people who purchased this also get that" Amazon rabbit hole, and gave me a bunch of stuff I don't want or need. I got the credit back from Amazon on Friday, so today I spent it on the remaining things I need. I got a new camera from Patrick for Christmas, so I needed a case and some additional batteries and an additional memory card for it. I needed a new iPad case (since I managed to break mine in the old case) so I ordered that. I wanted a new wallet, so I got that too. And I needed a new charger for my old camera, since I managed to misplace it when I moved last January. And that ends the year, and should keep me happy for the whole next year (I hope).

Things that are OK to spend money on:
  • I can buy some books on my kindle, but since I have a backlog already I will try to keep that to a minimum. Plus I plan to use the borrow feature in Amazon Prime. I need to only buy the books with the contents of my change jar, as I currently do already
  • I know I'll need some clothes (although I have Xmas lottery winnings sitting in a drawer for that very purpose); the new job will require it once I have to go into the in-town office, if nothing else
  • I'll need new glasses and a few haircuts
  • I will need to get a commuter bag once I start taking the T everyday because I've been driving to work for the last 15 years and I have nothing lightweight and convenient. My current bag is 10 years old and has a broken strap connector
  • I'll need to keep an eye on eating out expenses and on going out expenses. I think going out once a week is fine. If I go out more than that, it should be more of a going "in" kind of thing — like we hang out at someone's house, rather than wandering around spending money somewhere.
So that will be resolution #1. Buy nothing (much) this year.
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Ho ho ow. I had to take a trip to a far off land today, one that I would really have preferred to skip. That land was the Burlington Mall, and that destination was the Holy Grail of hipsters everywhere, the Apple store. I needed a genius. Mostly because I am an idiot. There was a tile floor, and there was my lovely iPad, and gravity, and some height, and...there was cracking and little glass shards and oh, it wasn't pretty. And I was sad.

So that happened yesterday, and today was the first genius appointment I could get. I suppose I could have waited til tomorrow to avoid a MALL on a WEEKEND during CHRISTMAS, but I sorta wanted to get the whole thing resolved as quickly as possible. And even though I work next door to a different mall, and go into it almost daily, I just didn't quite grok how busy THIS mall would be. I don't get over to Burlington much any more, and the few times in the past few years that I've been in the mall weren't at Christmas. I forgot that they stuff it to the gills with carts. And there's Santa. And there are all the PEOPLE. Dear god, such a lot of people! Shuffling around in a consumer-haze. Like a scene from Dawn of the Dead.

But really, a lot of people in a mall at Christmas? Not really a surprise. The lesson for today, friends, is to always get the AppleCare Plus plan if you get an expensive thing like an iPad. Thankfully I had already followed my own advice when I got the 'Pad for my birthday, so all I had to do was fork over $49, see the genius, and 10 minutes later I had a brand new shiny iPad with my data all downloading merrily. Whew. The only minor inconvenience was that I needed to put all my passwords into all my apps again. I can totally live with that, and I'm glad it works that way. Yay, Cloud! The apps took a long while to download (I have a LOT of them), but that's ok, too.

You apparently get two drops per Plus plan, so I only have one left now. I am going to get it a new case, one made perhaps of titanium or steel or something hard like that. And I am not going to take it into rooms with tile floors. And I am definitely not going to drop it. (Yeah, right. I drop my phone probably three times per week. I've dropped the iPad several times, but usually when it's in its case and usually on my carpeted bedroom floor. WHY do I have to be such a klutz? If only resolving to not drop it made it so.)

The Genius told me he uses the Dodocase, which I was reading about last night after the mishap, but I think I want a case that folds into a better stand. Not sure yet; damned cases are freaking expensive. Maybe I need one that bounces? Entirely rubber.

Wandering around the mall was kind of fun, though. And everything is so shiny and sparkly you do really feel the pull to BUY BUY BUY, so I guess it's successful. I managed to escape with most of my wallet, but it was close. I was about to say next time I'll just go to the Apple store near work, but THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME, I SWEAR!


Nov. 25th, 2012 04:35 pm
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On Thanksgiving, mother and I drove down to Bridgewater to have dinner with my aunt. She can't travel easily at this point, so she couldn't come to us. We didn't want her to try to cook a huge meal, though, so she ordered everything pre-made from her local grocery store, and I heated it all up. It was pretty good. The turkey was the least exciting part, but I am not into Thanksgiving for the turkey anyway, so it was fine. We brought some squash pie (all of us prefer squash to pumpkin. Much more subtle taste, and it's what my grandmother used to make so it's the sentimental choice, too). It was all very nice, and good to hang out with Paula. We chatted and watched the dog show and the parade re-run.

I realized that I hadn't been there since April, so we hadn't been face to face since then. When she saw me, she started complimenting me (which I always find hugely embarrassing), and asked what I'd done to make me look younger. I have no idea, but I thought about it since then (as she kept going on about it, and kept bringing it up all day) and I think that it's less that I look younger and more that I'm happier. I was pretty miserable for most of last year, and by the time I'd seen her last I had lost most of the weight I've lost, but hadn't taken to exercising as regularly and was still on extra meds and was adjusting to living with Mom again, etc. I'm sure my stress level was still pretty high.

Now I've paid off some of my debt, got a new kitty, come off some meds, found out I still have a job, and have spent six months or so exercising fairly regularly. I guess that probably shows! I'll take it.
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Had a couple days. Val came over and we packed up the upstairs books and CDs, and then P came over and hauled them into the attic for me — 15 boxes of books, and a bunch of other boxes of things like my Sega CD, a VCR, my stereo receiver, and a bunch of other semi-obsolete tech. Even my turntable! He was up on the ladder/stairs to the attic leaning down, and I kept passing him heavy boxes up over my head, then couldn't get them much past my chest after a bit, and eventually felt my arms about to give out. Work them to failure, right? Scary how little it takes.

Woke up so sore the next day! But went over to Mom's anyway to see if I could make some progress there. Managed to get my bedroom mostly cleaned up (she was using it as storage and her closet, so it was filled with clothes everywhere and all kinds of random stuff) and did a bunch of laundry and some other cleaning stuff. Moved the boxes of CDs over there just so I could feel like I've actually done something. Had dinner with P, made him drive because I was just so tired. Today I went back to Mom's, got the rest of the room adjusted, plus more laundry, dishes, etc. There's still some clothes that I will need to move out of the closet, and there's still a huge bunch of stuff all neatly folded that has no home. She has more clothes than any 10 people, and as she put it "I never go out!" so we really need to whittle that shit down to a manageable thing. I'm also going to have to replace the closet clothes rod, as it's now bowing in the middle. It needed a middle support a couple years ago when I moved out but I never got around to it. Now, alas, it is too late. So I'll have to measure and solve that very soon.

P texted me and suggested going to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol after he got out of work, so we did that and it was loads of fun. Jeremy Renner is just awesome, and even Tom was fun to watch. I thought in most of this franchise he was sort of too slick to be actually on screen without sliding off, but in this one he felt a little more, I dunno, interesting. Not that the plot was much more believable, but one doesn't go to M IMP for believable, right?

In other news, can't wait to kick 2011 to the curb. I want to natter on and on about just how bad a year it was, but 1. don't want to remind myself, and 2. probably would screw it up and leave out a lot of it anyway, at least as far as current events goes, thanks to aforementioned fuzzy brain. Feel free to apply anyone else's crappy list to my mood. I remember the year started with canyons of snow, snow that had already been around for more than a month by then and already felt claustrophobic. Now it's ending with cold bare streets, which somehow seems very fitting.

I was also thinking about Christmas, and how it sort of is nothing since Dad died and Mom can't deal with it. Maybe I need to make new traditions, perhaps ones that involve travelling to somewhere exotic, or at least different. And maybe warm. Since I am childfree, I could make Christmas the time of year that I travel. I won't be able to do it next Christmas, as this next year has to be all about paying off debt and working as much as I can. But maybe Christmas 2013 will be the beginning of my new Christmas tradition. I will have to think on it.

So yeah. I'll probably do my year-end wrap up as usual, but my heart isn't really in it.
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My brain is just so sad, these days. I don't mean emotionally, I just mean that my brain used to be formidable and now is fuzzy and ordinary. I sit here and think "OK! Writing an entry, what have I done?" and seriously everything is just blank blank blank. I should probably start journalling daily again, so I can at least be able to piece together my life later when I'm in the nursing home with my Alzheimer's.

Let's see how I can do: Saw "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on the 23rd with Patrick. We bumped into each other in the front yard as I was heading out to get some lunch, so we decided to hit the movie right then. We both really liked it. I'd read the books, he hadn't, and I'd seen the Swedish version of the movie, too, but I didn't think it detracted from watching this version. I do wish that Stieg Larsson had had a decent editor while he was writing these. SO MUCH PLOT. Nazis and murders and crazy families and torture and religion and child molesters and rape and hacking and ...

Christmas Eve I went shopping a little; wanted to see if I could find something else for Mom. I was surprised how empty the stores and roads were. Mom called around 2 and asked me to come over and help her wrap her presents that she was giving to the landlords upstairs (they have two little kids and she loves to buy toys), so when I got there we wrapped and watched the end of the Patriots game and speculated that maybe that was why everything was empty. I mean, Christmas Eve is normally hugely busy. So maybe everyone knew the Pats would be playing and shopped accordingly? Anyway, was odd. Later that night I went with P to his Mom's place. She made dinner and we hung around for a few hours chatting. When I got home I watched some redbox selection and read a book, I think.

Mom has been very weird about Christmas Day since Dad died. I guess because our traditions had to change she's decided she doesn't want any at all. So when I called to ask what time she wanted me to come over, she initially suggested 4 or 5. P had said he'd be by sometime after 5, so that was frankly too late for me. I suggested lunchtime, so we compromised on 1:30pm. I picked up Chinese on the way, and we ate in the living room with the Celtics game on, while we opened presents. I was only there about 2 hours before she kicked me out because she was tired, so I headed home again and watched more movies. Conan, I think. I never did watch the end. So not worth it! P came over later and we did our gift exchange, then picked him up some dinner and watched a couple of episodes of Revenge. We're almost caught up.

The next day was lunch at Jenn's place in Manchester, NH. NH always seems like another planet when we go. It's so oddly "country" for somewhere within an hour of downtown Boston. Anyway, we got to hang out with her kitty Harlow, who is a gorgeous ginormous tuxedo Maine Coon — humongous paws, sweet disposition, very mellow — and watch "Elf" which I had never seen. Had a good lunch, then headed home. The rest of the night was more movies and not much else.

Today was a wash, mostly. I was going to get some stuff done at Mom's place, but when I called she suggested that I get stuff done here, instead, since I had a tooth filling scheduled for smack in the middle of the day anyway. So of course I got nothing done. I went by work so I could water my plants and use the printer for some labels for my stuff-to-live-in-storage. I got my filling done — my dentist is pretty awesome, so it was completely painless and just a little awkward to have my mouth propped open for that long. Bought a few groceries. Rented a few more movies. Watched "True Grit" and "Another Earth", enjoyed both but in completely different ways. Watched "Another Earth" with Patrick, since he thought it looked interesting, too.

Brian looked at a bunch of apartments the last two days, and has found one he likes. He's waiting to hear if they have chosen him, but here's hoping. He'd be moving on the 15th if he gets that one, so that's good. Give P a little time to paint, anyway. Be good to have everyone settled.

So tomorrow my gal pal Val is coming over to help me pack. I am totally freaked out about it! Because now it's real, right? And now I'll have to say goodbye to my stuff again for another undetermined amount of time. And now I have to do tons of work. Ugh. And I have to pick her up at 9am, so I probably should clean my bathroom and go to bed, already, as it's 12:30. Why did I say 9am? Why did I agree to this at all! I want to stay in denial for at least another week! AUGH!
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Since it's been a bitch of a year, I've tasked a few idle brain cells today with thinking about what I'm thankful for right now. I'm finding that my overall gloom is making it hard to come up with a big list, but I'll keep thinking about it. For now:
  • iPhone: Seriously, I do everything with it. I track all kinds of things. I use it to entertain myself, educate myself, stay in contact, etc. I have it with me 100% of the time. OK, maybe not in the shower. 99.92% of the time.
  • LoseIt app: There is no way on this beautiful blue marble that I would have managed to lose 55 pounds (and counting!) in this little time without this app. It's just...simple and fun. And it makes me feel accountability, which I've never felt with a person or group (regarding weight loss). I don't know why it's managed to work where nothing else has, but I'll take it.
  • Words with Friends: It's been exceedingly helpful to pretty much always have something waiting to distract me and force me to use my brain. And honestly, as each game pops up it feels a little bit like someone is thinking about me throughout the day. It's nice.
  • Space heater: Sometimes you just feel cold all the way down to your soul. Sit in front of the space heater for a while, bake the cold right out. It's the dumb little things, I swear.
  • Pie: Well, snacks in general. Even though I've been limiting my intake, I've managed to control my snacking by not denying myself, but indulging carefully and by making wise choices. If I didn't have snacks every day I'd be going up instead of down in weight. Might go against common wisdom, but it's working for me.
  • Audible: I think too much in the car. Music isn't distracting enough. Audible lets me sink into a narrative other than my own, and I am grateful for it. I've listened to audio books for years, but Audible is so easy and reasonably priced, I have zero complaints. And I've fallen in love with Will Patton.
  • Nifty scanner: Finally I can deal with my paper backlog. Still working on it, but have made more progress this year than ever before.
  • Ativan: I had some situational anxiety this summer and was experiencing classic symptoms like racing heart, racing brain, inability to focus, etc. My doctor prescribed me this to be taken as needed, and while I haven't taken it often, when I did, it really really helped. Especially good to let me get a full night's sleep.
  • My friends: They are seriously long-suffering this year. I don't think I've ever been this pathetic before in my life. I am constantly whining and bitching to them and being a generally needy vaguely crappy friend. Without exception they have all been kind, helpful, and haven't gotten sick of me. Or at least are good at pretending that they haven't gotten sick of me! Which is really what matters.
  • That 2011 is almost over. I know the calendar changing doesn't actually change anything. But a fresh calendar page can't really hurt. And most of my big problems will self-resolve at the turn of the year. Sure, I'll have new challenges, but at least they will be new ones.

Ok, that's all I've got right now. What are you thankful for?

a weekend

Feb. 15th, 2011 12:24 am
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I can't even remember yesterday, already. I know that Brian was planning to go play Warhammer 40K at a local gaming store, and then he didn't go. We had some lunch and took a nap. We, uh? Probably hung around. I know I finished another book and headed into the next one (I'm on book six, now, so that makes 9 so far this year. Yay!)

Today Brian went to work and I ran out to get his VDay presents and do some mild grocery shopping. Came home, knocked over our coat tree (was a tall metal tree with a heavy base) and the stuff that made the base heavy just totally disintegrated all over everything. Spectacular fail! So I spent some time cleaning up the living room and doing the dishes and stuff. Brian came home and we exchanged gifts (flowers and candy for me! so traditional) and later Brian made us delicious steak. We fell into our normal evening routine, and then he headed off for bed. He likes to get to work by 7:30a so he can get out before traffic revs up in the afternoon, so he goes to bed pretty early.

Regarding VDay: I spent an awful lot of these single. More single than not, if you count my entire lifetime. When I was single I didn't spend my day weeping and feeling like a loser, but I did feel sort of left out of the festivities, you know? My other single friends and I would usually spend the evening hanging around at home together, because the restaurants would just be filled with red and pink carnations and lovey dovey couples. We'd get delivery. But I like most holidays. Valentine's Day isn't a major, get-time-off-from-work holiday, so in that sense it's useless. My Aunt was born on it, so I mostly think about her when I think about it at all. So a lot of mixed feelings. Mostly harmless, a little exclusionary, mostly just MEH.

So anyway, we observed it this year. It's only our second one and we haven't set any traditions, yet. I have decided that I like the flowers/candy/card ritual. Why not? It's flowers, candy, and a card! The whole "it's a Hallmark Holiday" concept isn't lost on me, but honestly? It's not even true. The Valentine's Day holiday has been around since 498 AD. We celebrate many more recent holidays than that, so it's not like it's not "traditional". I wish it wasn't quite so IN YOUR FACE for the weeks before, because it definitely can sting if you're single. And I don't see why it has to be about jewelry or marriage proposals or expensive trips. Just spending some time together, I think. Being nicer than you usually are is NEVER a bad thing. Paying attention to one another for a few hours. Sure, you should do that all year, but why not have a reminder?

I'll probably keep celebrating it, because hey, even Samuel Pepys did. And so did Geoffrey Chaucer. And Sammy and Geoff knew a bit about romantic love. And romantic love can use all the help it can get, right?

holly day

Dec. 27th, 2010 12:13 am
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The time! It do fly. Year's almost over, holidays are holidaying, and everything seems to be progressing along fast-ish.

Had a mixed Christmas. Mom had a health scare on Christmas Eve morn, so I was over there at 6:45am calming her down and trying to determine if she needed to go to the hospital. Eventually we determined that she didn't (she was having very severe vertigo, and she's never had it before in her life so she wasn't sure if it might be a stroke or a heart attack), so I went off to complete her Christmas shopping for her while she stayed safely in bed. Came back, wrapped the presents (they were for the landlords and their kids, who live upstairs and are very nice to Mom), gave Mom her presents, admired mine some more (a laptop!), spent some time with her. Got home around 6pm and was wrecked, but still had a couple of gifts to wrap, so we got some takeout Chinese and I wrapped everything. Got in bed by 11:30 (really early for me) and slept thru til 10am. Awesome!

On Christmas morn, I woke up kind of slowly. Had cereal. Did stockings with Brian, then moved into the presents haul. Fun! Had some cinnamon rolls. Ate cookies. More junk! Lazed around. Finally we decided to straighten up a bit, clean up the kitchen, make dinner. Brian turned on the oven and zzzzzap! Heating element failure, sparks, white hotness, not good at all. We use it all the time (see: cinnamon rolls earlier) so it's not like it was sad from disuse. Brian had to unplug it to get it to stop sparking. No more stove for us. Sadness. But! Patrick to the rescue! He lives next door, has a working oven, and already had dinner with his family so he wasn't using it. Yay! Turkey in the oven at 5:00. Exchanged presents with P, then watched some Doctor Who, then ate dinner around 8:15. Finished in time to watch the new Xmas Who, which was cute. Reviewed my haul: laptop (!), ipod/iphone portable speakers, ice maker (! YAY! I know, seems like a weird thing to love, but I really have a thing for ice and have wanted one forever), towels, sheets, pillows x 4, some neat books, treats, other nice things. Very awesome.

Today, with our impending snow-my-god storm and our new lack of stove, we needed to restock the house with microwaveable/crockpot-able stuff; I also needed to get Mom some supplies. Off to Shaw's, which was suffering from an attack of French Toast Alert. Lines 20-deep. Silly. Still, needed stuff. Waited. Dropped off Brian and supplies at home, headed to Mom's to drop off her supplies, then slunk home and now refuse to leave the house. THERE IS WHITE STUFF FALLING FROM THE SKY, DID YOU KNOW? THE END DAYS ARE NIGH!

Spent most of the rest of today watching The Walking Dead (I had DVRed it but hadn't actually watched it) with P. Brian napped and played games (not a big zombie fan, my boy). [I am dumping my cable service for another in two days, so I have STUFF I need OFF my DVR! Now I only have some Leverage and some Hawaii Five-O left.]

As I sit here I can hear the rumblings of the snowplows as they merrily scrape around town, and I am grateful that my house is warm, my mother is alive, my boy is here, and my best friend lives next door. All is right in my world.

And how was your holiday?
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Nearing the end of the year, should try to be a little better about updating. So! Christmas was fun. Opened presents with the Boy in the morning. Went over to visit with Mom in the afternoon, gave her presents, got lottery scratch tickets, won $10 -- which is par for the course, and represents over $100 of tickets. PLEASE just give me the money, seriously. I never win! Picked up Chinese food, brought some to mom, brought rest home for me and the Boy. After dinner, Patrick came by, exchanged presents. He was way too generous, as usual, and I was delighted with all of my gifts.

Spent Saturday doing little other than renewing Costco membership, wandering around snagging free snacks there, and not finding the little laptop cart I so desire. Came home, relaxed, Boy went off to work, I watched TV and snoozed.

Slept in on Sunday, which was a rare treat. I never seem to sleep in, anymore. Woke up, ate some yummy Costco muffins (laced with crack, I swear), read the paper. Decided to look at the disaster that is the office. I have too many projects going on right now, and no forward momentum in any of them. Since part of my Xmas list from the Boy was to hook up the extra tv in the office, I could now watch stuff while I was being productive, so that was the rest of today. Organized many things, and actually almost finished a project: Got through the initial removal of CDs. My current tally: 324 CDs ready to be removed from my life. Just need to bring them to a used CD store, now. Listed, boxed, etc. Yay! About 200 of them are real junk, promo stuff I got back in my store management days, so I won't miss any of that. But it will be nice to lose some overall volume. Once I get this stuff gone I will make the second pass, really be brutal with my culling. Too many CDs in my life. They're mostly ripped to MP3 anyway, and my CD rack is too small to hold them. I still have more than 800 after this pass.

Other December stuff: Illustrator class ended, and now Patrick and I want to take something else together. We just have to figure out what.

Sam died on December 11. He did really well until the last 12 hours or so, so I have no regrets about his surgery and treatment. He was a great cat, and I miss him terribly. The Boy's cats are doing their best to fill the void, with Ria taking Sam's spot on the bed most nights, and Cricket causing random trouble from time to time. They're comforting. I think I'm going to hold off getting another cat for a while. Losing all three in the last four years has been pretty draining.

Sam Sun 4

I've been tearing through books lately; read the entire Elizabeth Moon "Vatta's War" series in the last two weeks, all because Amazon gave me the first one for free on my Kindle. Well, on the Kindle App on my iPhone. Because I always have my phone handy. Anyway, I need to think about getting caught up on my greenstreetbks reviews. HA! At least I could get over there and update totals. Another thing for the To-Do list...I've made myself a giant list of To-Dos for the rest of the vacation week. I don't have to go back to work until January 5, so I still have over a week to get stuff done. Hopefully I can have a few days as productive as I did today. I have to be on call for four of the days this week; let's hope everyone at the office is interested in leisure instead of work.

Or I might just bag the whole list and sleep for the rest of the week.
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Because all the cool kids are doing it...and because I wish you a very happy holiday, whatever you celebrate!

Merry Christmas
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It's now six days since surgery, and I'm feeling pretty much back to normal. Sleeping normally, no pain meds, eating normally, no sore throat, not even achy! I've still got some pretty exciting bruises, and of course the incision is still there, but seriously, no pain! Medical science is totally amazing.

So that's what I'm thankful for today. Along with all the usual stuff: warm home, food to eat, many good friends, my kitty, a pending president that probably won't suck, the internet to keep me entertained, and lots of stuff to read.

What are you thankful for today?


Nov. 27th, 2008 10:57 am
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They just Rickrolled the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Xmas loot

Dec. 25th, 2007 06:48 pm
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Christmas has been very nice. Had yummy food. Heard from some people: Got a text from Jenn wishing me a Merry Christmas, got email from Stephen also wishing me so. P called and we chatted a while.

Mom liked her gifts: A calendar of my photos (I make this every year), a heating pad, another heating pad (she's old!), a pot to replace the one I totally burned this year, a digital picture frame (idea borrowed from Suzanne) loaded up with photos, and her favorite: scratch tickets. She was fake-mad that I bought her gifts, but she got over it very quickly. Her gift to me this year is money, to be spent on a shiny new monitor and on some clothes. Rock! (Plus lottery tickets. I won $9.)

While I was buying gifts for her I also bought myself a gift: A Brother label maker. Yes, sure, I can make labels with my computer and printer and blah blah, but these are awesome. All kinds of sizes, much more adhesive, and it's a cool tech toy! Plus it was way on sale AND there was a rebate of $10, so it only cost me $15. I <3 it already!

Look! Organized! Those were labeled with post-its previously.

I am wearing my jingle bell earrings and bracelet and I have my mini-tree all lit, and soon I will scarf down some pie. Maybe MUCH pie. A good day! Hope yours was excellent, too!
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After making a mad dash for the backyard this afternoon and getting his little paws all cold and wet, Sam is now curled up in his red plush throw next to me on the couch. I have my slippers on and am idly reading some online newspapers, and it's peaceful and quiet. Mom is out feeding her squirrels and getting some last minute gifts for the landlord, so it's very relaxing around here.

I've already done the grocery shopping and put everything away, and I've brought in Mom's presents from the trunk of my car. They're lurking in a corner with a quilt thrown over them. Clever camouflage, no?

Soon Mom will come home and stress will begin. She is making boeuf bourguignon for dinner for tomorrow and she likes to make it the day before so it has time for the flavors to blend together. So she'll get home and the stress of cooking will start, and then there'll be the minor cleaning and the present wrapping and then we'll have to make tonight's dinner and ...

But for now? All is calm.
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Put up a 3' artificial tree last night. Cost $10 at Target. Looks cute! I almost always get a real tree, but not this year. I just had to have some lights, though. The tree is my favorite part of Christmas!

Also finished my shopping today. Feels good. Tomorrow will be just food shopping and cleaning. And then the rest of the week is relaxation time.

Hope your holiday is awesome!


Dec. 12th, 2007 05:15 pm
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I bought lights today and decorated my desk at work. Trying very hard to get all festive!  Yes, they're a little sad. Yes, next time I'll get the longer string. In fact, I might just do my cube-mate's side, too.

 desk with lights
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Ahhh. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, onions, gravy, peas, rolls and butter, cranberry sauce, turnip for Mom, and mince pie heated up with ice cream for dessert. Rock!

I've already cleaned up the whole kitchen, run the dishwasher, put all the clean dishes away, taken out all the trash in the house, and cleaned up my room, so now I can laze around in my post-feast stupor with no guilt.

I forgot to mention my favorite part of Thanksgiving (at least in the last few years) — the Thanksgiving Day Purina Dog Show! Nothing in this world puts me in a better mood than happy doggies.

So a big Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans, and hope all the rest of you had a good day, too.

And remember, tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day in America (Buy Nothing Day is on Saturday for the rest of the world). Celebrate appropriately!

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Today the plumber came and fixed the shower faucets (they were dripping cold water on my feet whenever I'd shower, which is every bit as pleasant as it sounds), and also the water level in the toilet. When we got the floor repaired last spring, or whenever, the landlord had re-hooked up the toilet with the wrong something in the wrong place. I *knew* he'd screwed it up because it was different after he'd finished the tiling. Mom told me I was crazy. Ha! Anyway, it's awesome now. Took the plumber one flat minute to fix the toilet, yay! I got to hang out with the landlord's three year old kid while the landlord hung out with the plumber, so I got to play trucks and hear about why drawers should always be closed (because kitties might get inside them). Yay!

And I went out earlier and bought stuff for dinner tomorrow, as mother is speaking to me again. Apparently Thanksgiving is on!  There's only the two of us, so I bought a small rotisserie turkey breast, all the fixings, and mince pie and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. We had the same kind of turkey last year and it was good, so I'm pretty psyched. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. What's not to like? It's all about food and parades and sloth.

ETA: The landlord is a super nice guy, and I have exactly zero complaints about living here. He's just not the handiest. He admits it himself. In fact, once the plumber fixed the toilet, the landlord turned to me and said "Tell your mother *I* did it! She won't believe it, but it's worth a shot..."


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