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Sep. 4th, 2007 06:05 pm
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Yesterday [ profile] sarcasticah, her husband, [ profile] p_j_cleary and I went to the Stone Zoo in Stoneham. It's very near where Team [ profile] sarcasticah and I live; I've been meaning to go there forever since it's only a few miles away and I drive by it all the time. I used to go often as a little kid and haven't been there since.
pictures within! including meerkats! )


Sep. 4th, 2006 03:41 pm
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Oh no! Steve Irwin died today, killed by a stingray. I am so sad! Talk about a guy full of life.
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Sam and GreyKitty, naptime.
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If Sam read LJ, he'd be upset with me that the only picture of him I posted was his backside looking for a mouse, so in fairness I present to you...Sam:

Isn't he a pretty boy? I love his speckled nose. As usual, other pictures here.

A set of pet photos. In case you can't get enough.
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So for many many years we've had a small, 20-gallon fishtank at work. We only had two fish, a huge flesh colored cichlid, and a really big plecostomus.

When the cichlid died this fall, that only left the pleco, and as I was the only one caring for the tank I decided that my friend [ profile] cicadabug, the proud owner of several very large fishtanks, could benefit from my pleco's algae-sucking action.

She was having a party anyway, so I (with much trauma and no little assistance from [ profile] p_j_cleary) managed to bring the poor fish on an epic journey of 100 miles and 2 hours in a small glass jug. He survived, and this is his new fishy home. Read more... )


Dec. 18th, 2005 11:17 pm
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A supposed friend just sent me this link, a link of unbearable cuteness. After all the sugar I just consumed at [ profile] cicadabug's party tonight, I am about to enter into an irreversible diabetic coma!

Warning: Link contains pictures of baby animals of all kinds, wee small Japanese products, and even a guinea pig in a santa hat. [ profile] sarcasticah, you might want to submit the antler picture. If you can survive the cute.

(Note: I think my favorite is the bunny stealing the cookies, but YMMV)
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GreyKitty is such a comfort junkie. I swear she remembers her humble beginnings as a homeless kitty. Now she spends her days wrapped in my new throw, and sprawled on my down comforter.

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Found on kottke -- in case you're feeling warm and fuzzy toward nature, here's a little reminder that it's brutal and vicious: an extremely cool video of honeybees being wiped out by evil hornets (WMV format). I never felt sad for honeybees before! Poor little guys...

A note: Not for the fainthearted! Decapitation and dismemberment and eating of young! Scary voiceover! Sorta low res! Jumpy cuts!
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Two Different Breeds
Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.
Yeah, I know, another spider picture. Ho and Hum. But I posted about 16 others over at Flickr! They become somewhat more impressive in their volume. So visit! See scary bugz. I wish I'd gotten more/better pictures while the nest still existed. Some work busybody complained to building management and they are pretty much gone now.

Isn't it weird that there were several breeds on the giant web? It would seem counter-intuitive. I mean, what next? Tigers and lions sharing a gazelle?


Oct. 6th, 2005 05:41 pm
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Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.
We have an entire colony of spiders right outside our windows at work. In fact, the windows are entirely covered with webs, and there are 25-30 spiders hanging around on them. Scary!

They are very very large spiders, too. It's like a zoo exhibit out there. And they're eating EACH OTHER.

I plan on bringing my good camera to work to capture get some better shots (maybe with more than one at a time). Autofocus on my smaller camera, combined with the thickness of the window glass, combined with the background noise all makes it a little tough for my wee Sony to handle.
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Yay! More good animal news. Southern zoos fared well!

A little confused about why the river otters would be the one casualty (would have thought they, more than any other creature, might be likely to make it!)... but am ok with the minimal losses. Big thumbs up for the zoo administrators and all the people who stayed to take care of the animals.


Sep. 5th, 2005 06:43 pm
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Just because I am all about the good news today: Petfinder is coordinating pets being reunited with their owners. They were interviewed on CNN today and seemed on top of things.
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Bumblebee Dance
Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.
Furry and stripey and doing their bumblebee thing. Nature is cool.
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I watch all week about the horrors in New Orleans. I troll news sites, blogs, mailing lists, anything from which I can get information. I am a news junkie this week and I believe very little has been getting by me. I've donated money and I've ranted endlessly with my friends about this whole situation. So why does this just slay me?

I can watch and read no more. My imagination is too vivid. Enough for now.
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Three days of watching reports from New Orleans and Gulfport, and I'm starting to feel completely overwhelmed with the tragedy. I keep hearing about how this is our tsunami, but we're not a third world country! This didn't come upon us suddenly -- there was plenty of warning! Why did so many have to die?!

I heard a report on NPR about how New Orleans has always had a fatalistic side to it, knowing that it was only a matter of time before they'd end up underwater. And I had certainly heard that often enough before this whole storm. So if that was the case, why didn't they have a better evacuation plan in place? One that would have enough places for people to go, and would have ways for the housebound or infirm to actually GET to these places?

I tried to find a few local government websites on Gulfport and they're just...gone. Much like some sites were gone after 9/11. The local New Orleans paper is not producing actual printed copies, just online editions. They're moving all the Superdome people to the Astrodome (which makes for an interesting story to tell, but not something I'd want to be able to claim!) in Houston. It's all so sad.

Can someone please tell me why people leave their animals behind when they evacuate?!

And hey, thank god the president cut short his vacation by two whole days to take care of this. Those people should feel better already.
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Airborne Cats
Originally uploaded by junku.
Not my pictures, but damn, I wish they were! These are awesome. Be sure to view the entire set! He's got some great cat photos in general, not terribly sticky sweet like most.

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The Mighty Hunter
Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.
Sam hasn't put two and two together to get "mouse all gone now"
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Is it the end-times already? I seem to be suffering from a plague of vermin!

Last night I get home from work, and every light in the kitchen and living room is on. There's a note from Mom that the dishes are clean and not to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, so being a thoughtful roommate I open up the dishwasher and start putting them all away. About a third of the way through the plates and bowls I see our kitchen mouse scurry down the wall, all panicked. Sam gets excited, but nothing comes of it (except me saying "OH" in a loud voice). Apparently the lights are not a deterrent for our wee friend. We've sort of ignored him because he seems to be safely tucked behind the kitchen sink, and because Sam has been keeping a watchful eye on his home since we moved in here.

So tonight I'm sitting here in my bedroom, minding my own business, reading an email, and suddenly the boys are milling about and there's a weird noise. I look down, and they've got the mouse IN MY ROOM, and it's squeeeing between the two of them. Read more... )
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A conversation I had with Patrick the other day (warning:  kind of looooong):

L:   I had a Suzanne moment of Suzanne-ness last night!

P:    Oh?

L:   So I leave my nice air conditioned room to go to the basement and move some laundry from the washer into the dryer.  I pop on the light in the kitchen along the way and...

L:   ...wait for it....

P:   .........................


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Harry the one-eyed

So pretty, my one-eyed boy!


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