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Scalzi posted a list of all the subscriptions he pays for online, and to me it looks a little extravagant. Here's my list:
  • Flickr pro account ($25 per year? something like that)
  • Netflix including online access ($17 per month)
  • Librarything lifetime membership (I think it was $20; that's the kind of fee I'm willing to pay)
  • My domain and hosting (I paid for 2 years in advance, I think. $6 per month?)

Things Scalzi mentioned that I use but don't pay for:
  • Livejournal x2
  • Newspapers (NY Times, Boston Globe, others)
  • Encyclopedias (while I was teaching, I had full access to the Simmons system which had every academic source you could think of; now I use the BPL and my local library network online when I need a reasonably vetted resource. Mostly I use wikipedia, tho)
  • Streaming music (various places)

Things I've considered paying for:
  • Metafilter account: ($5, I think lifetime? I should just do that)
  • Wikipedia donation drives

Is there anything you pay for online that you consider totally worthwhile?


Apr. 3rd, 2008 11:47 pm
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I am such a lazy moron sometimes! I've been having wifi connectivity issues in my bedroom since I moved in here. Prior to this evening, my signal strength was commonly between 35% and 50%. Occasionally would get as high as 60%. Mostly would disconnect sporadically. And I have the spiffy new monitor, so I like to sit at my desk now.

Our apartment is in a big old Victorian with really thick walls, a giant chimney, pipes everywhere, and our added problem of really tall bookcases. Not a signal paradise! But I got to thinking, maybe if I could put another antenna/something right in the sight line of my desk, I might have better luck.

floor plan, now with better wifi!

After having hours of issues last night and being hugely peeved, today I went to Microcenter on my lunch hour and bought a repeater. Or, more specifically, a Hi-Gain Wireless-G Range Extender.

Tonight, after two hours on the phone with Hawking Technology tech support somewhere in Mumbai, I have signal strength of 100%!! Should have done this months and months ago! Why do I procrastinate??

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So last night, at 6:27pm, I drank the Kool-Aid.

I had to drive to Burlington to do it. And all my other fellow culties were there, telling me how great it was and how much I was going to get out of it. I was pretty sure they were right.

And they were!!

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Mar. 26th, 2008 04:35 pm
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My new (somewhat used) Treo screen arrived yesterday, so, all excited, I sat down immediately after dinner and cracked open my phone to get started. I got it all done perfectly (or so I thought), closed it up, put the battery back in, and ... black screen. Arg! Read the comments on the "how to fix your treo's screen" video and someone said that when you install the ribbon cable into the board, you have to shove it in pretty far or else the pressure from the clip doesn't connect evenly and your screen won't light up.

Ok, so I open it all back up again, and now it's all familiar and I understand how the little clips hold it together so it is easy, and as I unclip the ribbon* and position it back in I try, very gently, to push it in further, when ... SNAP! the ribbon breaks off the last 1/8", which is where the wider part narrows so that it will fit into the clip. RUINED!! $40 down the drain, because of course the place that I bought it from won't honor installation damage. (Which to me makes sense, but kind of sucks anyway!)

I left positive feedback on the eBay site saying something like "Speedy delivery, accurate description, I just wish I made it work" and they got right back to me, asked me to call. (Apparently the "catch more flies with honey" maxim is pretty accurate!)

We chatted, she told me that she could sell me another for cost ($25) if I wanted. So now, do I try again? I'd still be doing better $$-wise than if I had someone do it for me, and I'm pretty sure I could get it to work without breaking it this time.

Or do I just buy the damned iPhone???

* which is a 1/2" wide (slender) strip of plastic film, nothing as sturdy as ribbon, but I don't have another term for it!


Mar. 17th, 2008 10:31 pm
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I just was messing around with my Treo, and it still works! I can't see anything on the screen, but I can make calls and receive calls just fine. So I guess it's ok to wait. A little while, anyway.

Sadness, part 1

Sadness, part 2

(note: the cracks are on the inside, so the glass itself is totally smooth and not leaking any of the whatever-it-is)

Heh, my bluetooth headset works, too. I wish our phones worked the way the UK phones do, where phones aren't locked down. I'd get this repaired and keep it as a backup.

ETA: Just looked up replacement screens on EBay. $40! And there are videos all over YouTube how to replace the screen. I fixed my own Handspring before, and changed the battery on my old iPod. And it's only $40. Ha, Apple, you might just have to wait for my dosh after all!
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Stuff floating around in my head:

On the chores side of my brain: How awesome is the hand scanner thing at Stop & Shop? Since I started using canvas bags, I've been increasingly annoyed at the baggers. They try to toss in plastic bags at every turn. Things need to be separated from other things! Ice cream needs to be kept isolated from everything else! Soap needs to be sanitized for my protection! Cat food needs to be safely placed all together in one plastic bag, just because! But with the scan-as-you-shop thingie, I can bag my own stuff straight off the shelf! No hidden plastic! Organized the way I want it. And I can check the price right then. And keep track of how much I'm spending, and review what I've already bought. I love love love it. After I finish, I just go to the self-checkout, scan my scanner, and then pay and leave. The clerk didn't even look at anything. No putting stuff into the cart, then taking stuff OUT of the cart, then putting stuff BACK INTO the cart, then taking it BACK OUT OF the cart to go in my car. So fast, so convenient, I don't know if I can go back to the old way now!

On the entertainment side: I've got four current TV faves. In at number one, "Lost" is so damned good this season it's almost painful! Seriously, finally the plot is interesting and weird and fun. Also enjoying "New Amsterdam," even though every time I read the name I hum Elvis Costello to myself. The lead actor, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, is hot, kind of quirky, and his mild Danish accent is disturbing in a smoldering kind of way. It's a completely silly plot, but it's still fun. [I'd pay good money to know why every immortal ends up fighting crime, though. Is there NOTHING ELSE TO DO with all that time? Seriously?] Also, how damned good is "Breaking Bad"? God, I never realized how nuanced an actor Malcolm in the Middle's Dad was before this show; not that Malcolm ever gave him much to do other than run around in his undies. But in this? Awesome. It's seriously a one-man show. And, finally, "Dexter" on network is still compelling, even without the cuss words. Michael C. Hall is just crazy-good.

I'm also really sad that Jeff Healey died. While my musical tastes normally run to the somewhat alterna, I really dug his voice. And he was so 80s cute, back in the 80s. All that mullet! Anyway, I've vaguely followed his career over the years and liked his jazz stuff. And now he's dead at 41 from the same cancer that took his eyes when he was a toddler. That's just tragic.

And I've been a little bit into Amy Winehouse this week (I know, I know, but damn, the woman can really belt out a tune!). I'd never put "Rehab" and "that chick that popped out of nowhere last year and everyone talks about all the time because she's a mess" together before, seriously. Had no idea what she sounded like. I hope she manages to pull herself together. She seems like she's on a flameout trajectory, though.

And, FINALLY, baseball's almost back! 25 days to go. I know they're playing now, but I just can't get excited about spring training. Part of the fun for me is the race, and if the games don't count, it's not baseball!

OK, brain empty now. Back to work!
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I'm on vacation all week, but I decided to give up a couple of hours of my free time today to get my new work laptop. To get the new one I had to turn in the old one and wait a bunch of hours, then drive back and get the new one. Worth it! Shiny! The new laptop is a ThinkPad T-61, which is pretty awesome. Widescreen, lots more RAM, bigger HD, wifi seems more stable. Whee!

I spent the last couple of weeks idly making files more organized and moving most things to my external hard drive anyway, so the move itself was fairly painless — I finished cleaning off the old laptop last night. I never leave that stuff to my IT department.

I've already got a bunch of extra apps installed and I'm most amused by the Google desktop gadgets. I have a few more applications to install, but overall this day is filled with win! Shiny pretty win!
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Go space shuttle! So damned awesome. Some day I need to be in Florida during a launch. I want to take photos of the crowds and feel the rumble of the engines in my chest.


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