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The score right now: 19-16, Red Sox over Rangers.

That is a whole LOTTA baseball! And it's the 8th inning.

ETA: Final score 19-17. I can't remember the last game I saw that had 36 runs in it. Yow!
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So there's this thing some announcers do in baseball when there's a no-hitter going on. They're all superstitious (as are the players) so they won't actually use the words "no hitter". They instead liberally drip hints all over the place. Any way they can let the fans know what's happening (if you're surfing by, for example) without actually saying the words. 

Here's what I heard from Don and Jerry when Jon Lester pitched a NoNo on May 19:

I started recording the game in the seventh inning )

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I was going to snark about the class of the NY Yankees fans, but this is really just sad. "She indicated to police that she wanted to scare this group of people. She thought they would get out of the way". Ugh.

Attention, freaks: It's fun to boo and hiss during games. But running your car into someone because you like the Yankees and they like the Sox? Seriously?
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Stuff floating around in my head:

On the chores side of my brain: How awesome is the hand scanner thing at Stop & Shop? Since I started using canvas bags, I've been increasingly annoyed at the baggers. They try to toss in plastic bags at every turn. Things need to be separated from other things! Ice cream needs to be kept isolated from everything else! Soap needs to be sanitized for my protection! Cat food needs to be safely placed all together in one plastic bag, just because! But with the scan-as-you-shop thingie, I can bag my own stuff straight off the shelf! No hidden plastic! Organized the way I want it. And I can check the price right then. And keep track of how much I'm spending, and review what I've already bought. I love love love it. After I finish, I just go to the self-checkout, scan my scanner, and then pay and leave. The clerk didn't even look at anything. No putting stuff into the cart, then taking stuff OUT of the cart, then putting stuff BACK INTO the cart, then taking it BACK OUT OF the cart to go in my car. So fast, so convenient, I don't know if I can go back to the old way now!

On the entertainment side: I've got four current TV faves. In at number one, "Lost" is so damned good this season it's almost painful! Seriously, finally the plot is interesting and weird and fun. Also enjoying "New Amsterdam," even though every time I read the name I hum Elvis Costello to myself. The lead actor, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, is hot, kind of quirky, and his mild Danish accent is disturbing in a smoldering kind of way. It's a completely silly plot, but it's still fun. [I'd pay good money to know why every immortal ends up fighting crime, though. Is there NOTHING ELSE TO DO with all that time? Seriously?] Also, how damned good is "Breaking Bad"? God, I never realized how nuanced an actor Malcolm in the Middle's Dad was before this show; not that Malcolm ever gave him much to do other than run around in his undies. But in this? Awesome. It's seriously a one-man show. And, finally, "Dexter" on network is still compelling, even without the cuss words. Michael C. Hall is just crazy-good.

I'm also really sad that Jeff Healey died. While my musical tastes normally run to the somewhat alterna, I really dug his voice. And he was so 80s cute, back in the 80s. All that mullet! Anyway, I've vaguely followed his career over the years and liked his jazz stuff. And now he's dead at 41 from the same cancer that took his eyes when he was a toddler. That's just tragic.

And I've been a little bit into Amy Winehouse this week (I know, I know, but damn, the woman can really belt out a tune!). I'd never put "Rehab" and "that chick that popped out of nowhere last year and everyone talks about all the time because she's a mess" together before, seriously. Had no idea what she sounded like. I hope she manages to pull herself together. She seems like she's on a flameout trajectory, though.

And, FINALLY, baseball's almost back! 25 days to go. I know they're playing now, but I just can't get excited about spring training. Part of the fun for me is the race, and if the games don't count, it's not baseball!

OK, brain empty now. Back to work!

We Win!!!

Oct. 29th, 2007 12:06 am
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Poor Rockies!!

Yay Sox!!

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Well, game 1 was a total rout. I can't imagine the next game will go this quickly and easily, but at least until tomorrow I am happy!


Oh Yeah!!

Oct. 21st, 2007 11:57 pm
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The Red Sox have won the ALCS pennant and are now going to the World Series!
See you Wednesday, Colorado Rockies!!


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Yay! Red Sox won the division tonight! AL East Champs!

Fans stayed at Fenway after we beat the Twins, waiting to see if the O's could take the Yanks. They broadcast it on the big screen in the Park. It was 9-6 Yanks going into the bottom of the 9th, when suddenly the Orioles tied it up! A tense 10th, but finally victory. The fans who stayed freaked out, then the team finally came and wandered around on the field pouring champagne over each other and the fans. As I post this they're still there. And still broadcasting!

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What must it feel like to have the best moment of your baseball career in only your second game? At 22 years old? Most pitchers spend their entire career looking for a no-hitter. Clay Buchholz is only the second guy ever to do it in his second start in all of the MLB. And only one guy did it in his first start (in 1953). He's the first rookie for the Red Sox to ever pitch a no-hitter.

Talk about your tense final inning! I almost died of a heart attack! It's already almost a half hour since the game ended and no one has left Fenway.

(and yes, I stole that title)
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Is it horribly girly of me to notice that the Oakland A's have some seriously hot guys? Travis Buck, Danny Haren, Lenny DiNardo; that's what I call fantasy baseball!

Apparently Lenny and Bronson Arroyo used to hang out together when they were both Red Sox. Ah, the boys of summer, indeed!

Seriously, I don't even know the score right now.
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Other pictures in my Flickr photostream.
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Ahhh. Baseball is already awesome and it's only May!

Keep in mind I don't work Mondays. So I logged onto my work email around 7pm and almost wept. Almost every day during the various sports seasons my company gives away a pair of tickets to games (they have season tix for entertaining clients). The really good games are never usually available, though. But there they were. Two tickets to tonight's Red Sox-Yankee matchup, sitting there for the taking. Shit! The email usually gets sent at around 10am, so there's not a possibility that the tickets would still be there past 10:01am; but it makes me grumpy that I missed the opportunity.

And what a game it was! Wakefield pitching, Mirabelli returning to the Red Sox literally five minutes before the game, a 3-run shot from David Ortiz, Papelbon pitching the awesome final inning, and let's not forget endless Damon/Demon* opportunities. Does baseball get any better than this? Red Sox win, 7-3.

Ahhh. I love Red Sox vs. Yankees. Fun to hate! Fun to watch! I wore my hat all night.

* If you are not a baseball fan, Johnny Damon left the Red Sox this year to join the Yankees (for a lot of money). Red Sox fans, while grateful for all that Johnny did for the team for the last few years, felt betrayed that Johnny would go to the most-hated number-one rival Yankees. Most signs in the park tonight read "WWJDD? Betray!" and "Johnny DEMON" and "Any team but them!" He was classy enough (or smart enough) to tip his cap to the crowd at his first at-bat, but there was no mercy. Soundly booed. All night. Almost felt bad for him. Remembered that he's a hugely overpaid professional athlete. Stopped feeling bad for him.


Sep. 25th, 2005 05:06 pm
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Whoo! Just finished watching the day's baseball offerings. I watched the Sox while I monitored the Yankees game via, then when the Yanks won I switched over to monitor the Indians game.

The AL East is pretty exciting right now. The Sox were in first place for so long this season that I actually forgot how it feels to be nervous about the end-of-the-season standings. We have seven games left to play: four against Toronto, then the final three vs. the Yankees. We're tied with the Yankees for first right now, and they have four games against Baltimore to play before we see them. This week should have some pretty exciting baseball!

But soon baseball will be over for another year and I will be sad. Lately I have withdrawal symptoms when baseball ends. I get irritable, jumpy, twitchy, and I always want to eat carbs. I think I need another sport. I can't stand football--too many high school games that I (as a member of the marching band) had to freeze my ass off for--and basketball seems sort of pointless. Hockey? I dunno. Too many toothless guys, and the uniforms are just not flattering. No cute butts! Golf is Mom's thing, I can't get into it anyway. Maybe tennis? They definitely have the cute outfits and butts, but the grunting is sort of disturbing.

I really think I'm a one sport girl, anyway. I'll probably just stick to network television and wait for spring...


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