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It's possible that within the next two weeks I won't have a job anymore. The rumor mill is churning in overdrive right now: there's some pretty good evidence that we've been purchased, and that there will be big changes in staffing. We've heard it's a done deal. In fact, some reps from the new company were in a conference room here the other night, typing away furiously on laptops, and no one was allowed in (including people needing to fix things so they could use them in that room). The partners had a big meeting two nights ago. One of the founders of our company is leaving to go back to teaching. My direct managers are all in a "review" meeting right now (it's the end of the year, performance review-wise, so they COULD actually be doing that, but it seems pointless).

We've heard also that if we do retain our jobs we'll have to move offices, because they're renting ours out. Thanks to Sandy, our NYC office is offline until at least Monday, so we're all pretty sure we won't hear anything definitive until after they reopen. But the rumor is that everything will be done, i.e., decisions made about staffing, etc., by mid-month November.

The thing is, I would LOVE to be laid off right now. I would be SO HAPPY. They'd probably do a decent severance. I'd qualify for unemployment. I live in Massachusetts, so I'd be fine for health insurance. I live with Mom, so I wouldn't be out on the street. It's an ideal time, really, if such things can be ideal. [Which of course means I will not get laid off.]

The other thing is that the new company is a good company to work for. Huge huge company. Better benefits than ours. Highly regarded in the industry. Good promotion record for women. Women in upper management positions. So if I end up over there, that might be good, too. At least it would be a new company on my resume. I've worked at the same place for almost 13 years, now, which in the modern economy looks like I'm stagnating (which is true). Having a new company on my resume would be good.

So really, either way is good. I'd prefer the layoff. But at least at the new company I'd have opportunities to move into new positions. There isn't really anything I'd want to do at my current company. So we're all on edge, waiting for the shoe to drop.

In other news, my kitty has a new name. No more Mr. Whiskers, he's now Zachary. Mom gave me a list of names she liked, and I picked it off the list. Cooperation! Zach Johnson is a golfer she likes, so Zach it is. We're calling him Zach Black. He's rambunctious and adorable. And sometimes I want to kill him. And sometimes Sally Ali wants to kill him. But we're managing. He's very smart and very curious, and he occasionally ends up with a face full of cobwebs due to his curiosity and my inadequate housekeeping skills. Mr. Whiskers, indeed.

My exercising is less than satisfactory, and I've been eating a bunch. I'm on the upside of the four to five pounds I keep surfing, so that's not good. This stupid knee is sometimes better, and sometimes awful. I slept poorly last night, tossing and turning, achy all over, and that's true more often than not. I'll probably have to see my doctor about it, because it's just not good and I need a plan of action. I have a prescription for Tramadol, but I don't want to just treat the symptons. I'd like to see what I can do to solve it.

It's a new month, so I'm hoping to double down and get busy again. I haven't walked since Saturday, and here it is Thursday. I'll walk at lunch today, but I am so out of my groove. I've even been forgetting to put the Fitbit on.

Exercise Oct 20-Oct 30
Sat: Nothing; Fitbit logged 3,200 steps
Sun: Walking 60 min; Fitbit logged 9,700 steps
Mon: Nothing; Fitbit logged 4,000 steps
Tue: Walking 40 min; Didn't wear Fitbit
Wed: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
Thu: Walking 45 min; Didn't wear Fitbit
Fri: Nothing; Fitbit logged 7,000 steps
Sat: Walking 40 min Fitbit logged 8,200 steps
Sun: Nothing; Fitbit logged 5,100
Mon: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
Tue: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
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Spent the week doing the usual. Added in some Roller Derby last weekend with my pal Michelle. Kind of hilarious. The subculture around it was surprisingly robust. Loads of fans there. Also loads of Shriners, since we were at the Shriner's Auditorium. Sometimes I go whole months forgetting there even ARE Shriners.

Derby Girls

Exercise Oct 10-Oct 19
Wed: Nothing; Fitbit logged 2,250 steps
Thu: Walking 55 min; Fitbit logged 10,600 steps
Fri: Nothing; Fitbit logged 4,200 steps
Sat: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
Sun: Walking 60 min; Fitbit logged 9,200 steps
Mon: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
Tue: Walking 50 min; Fitbit logged 10,300 steps
Wed: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
Thu: Walking 75 min; Fitbit logged 15,400 steps
Fri: Nothing; Fitbit logged 5,000 steps

Trying to take it easy. My knee is a little better: I've got less pain, but it's still stiff when I bend it, and it hurts after a while when I walk. I'm doing a shitload of daily exercises and stretches, at least when I remember to I am. My PT says we'll see if it improves after this week coming, but if not I'd probably need to see an orthopedist. They might need to drain it. I also did something to my elbow, so I decided that I'd hold off on weight lifting for a couple weeks to give that a break too. I feel weird not going to the gym, I have to say. I was planning to go this evening, but I had some unexpected chores I had to take care of:

my guy

He's from the Animal Rescue League in Boston. He's a year and a couple months old. He came from a "crowding" situation (read: crazy cat lady who didn't get her cats fixed and had lots of kittens). I met him last night, and found out this evening that his foster mom chose me. Yay! He's not my normal type (I love the big orange boys, after all) but he's delightful and he needs me, so there you go. My new kitty! Sam's been dead for several years now: it's definitely time. And Sally Ali needs a friend. So I pick him up tomorrow after work. I am excited! Kitty!
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Just a plug tonight for one of my favorite blogs. It's the Cats of Parliament Hill, and it's a bunch of kindhearted (and a little looney) people who feed a colony of stray cats in Canada — including all through each winter. They've had all the cats spayed and taken care of vet-wise, including giving them daily medication as needed. They talk about the health of the cats and who was present as each person visited, which is nice. But the reason I return to the blog frequently is there are always new pictures of all the kitties. They're a little low-tech, so the page takes a couple minutes to load as they have a whole month (or sometimes season) on one page. But it's pretty neat if you like that kind of thing. I cannot remember where I first found this site, so if it was from you, I appreciate it!

(My favorite kitty is Max. In case you wondered.)

ETA a couple more links: Wikipedia Page, the Parliament page, an interview with Rene, and a YouTube video of the kitties.
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Sam, my beautiful lump of fur, has gained FIVE POUNDS IN ONE YEAR! He weighs 18 pounds now! Eighteen!

This is only partially my fault, I swear! They were pretty hefty when I adopted them, and I never put them on a diet to change that (although I really should have). But their weight was pretty stable for the first five years I owned them.

And then I moved in with Mom...

My mother's idea of feeding the cats is basically give them whatever they want, whenever they want it. I have asked her repeatedly to stop, but she's stubborn, and she's the one home with them all day. I brought both Sam and Harry to the vet today (such a fun way to spend my vacation, seriously) and my nice vet told me she'd never seen such a gain in one year! Ever!

Sam's healthy otherwise, but needs dental work. Harry has gained one pound over the same year (he weighs 14 pounds, now) and needs dental work, too. I have giant enormous fat fat cats! Even GreyKitty is 9 pounds.

So Mom and I are going to have a little talk today...

Sam, last summer, before being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey
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I had reason yesterday to walk into my Mom's room and say "You'd better watch your back, old woman!" To which she naturally replied "And why would that be?"

I ticked them off on my fingers. "First me. Then Dad. And now GreyKitty! I am Diabetes Mary, spreading the fun all around. All that's left is you! I'm telling you, watch your back!"

This weekend GreyKitty got diagnosed with diabetes. She's 15 years old and starting to slow down a bit, but other than her scary zipper operation last spring to remove a cyst, was in decent health. The vet had noticed a slight kidney problem the last time we were there, but he said we'd just monitor it and see how it went. My first cat, Xing, had chronic renal failure that she died from, so I was pretty familiar with the progression of kidney failure over time. GreyKitty lately has had a lot of kidney-type symptoms — drinking a lot, peeing a lot, peeing in bad places (other than the box), etc. I figured it was about time to get her to the vet, so I scheduled an appointment for this coming week, while I'm on vacation. But Thursday night she looked really bad. Lethargic, listless, not interested in eating, dehydrated, all the bad kitty stuff.

I got her in to the vet the next morning, and he ran all the usual tests — bloodwork, urine, etc. He gave her subcutaneous fluids and sent us home, telling me he'd call me the next day with the results. The phone rang and I was so steeled to hear "renal failure" that I almost tap-danced when he said diabetes.

Because of course cats can live with diabetes (or "the beedies", as Rob calls it) for years and years. With renal failure they generally last six months (even with sub-q fluids). So that's very good.

What's minorly bad is that now I am tied to a 12-hour cycle. I have to get her on a food / insulin schedule that we can both live with, and closely watch her all the time for symptoms, and generally hover. I don't pay that close attention to my OWN diabetes, so maybe this will be good for both of us...?

There's a ton of info out there about feline diabetes. However, I'm interested if anyone has any first-hand experience with long-term pet diabetes and insulin and feeding? Do you do glucose monitoring at home? Do you allow food grazing, or stick to specific meals only? Any comments greatly appreciated!

I've already given her her first two insulin shots with no problem. Many more to go, I'm hoping!

GreyKitty in healthier times:

— And [ profile] cicadabug, we were just really really really not meant to go to New Mexico this time. Sheesh!
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Sam and GreyKitty, naptime.
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If Sam read LJ, he'd be upset with me that the only picture of him I posted was his backside looking for a mouse, so in fairness I present to you...Sam:

Isn't he a pretty boy? I love his speckled nose. As usual, other pictures here.

A set of pet photos. In case you can't get enough.
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GreyKitty is such a comfort junkie. I swear she remembers her humble beginnings as a homeless kitty. Now she spends her days wrapped in my new throw, and sprawled on my down comforter.

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Airborne Cats
Originally uploaded by junku.
Not my pictures, but damn, I wish they were! These are awesome. Be sure to view the entire set! He's got some great cat photos in general, not terribly sticky sweet like most.

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The Mighty Hunter
Originally uploaded by Laurie Lee.
Sam hasn't put two and two together to get "mouse all gone now"
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Is it the end-times already? I seem to be suffering from a plague of vermin!

Last night I get home from work, and every light in the kitchen and living room is on. There's a note from Mom that the dishes are clean and not to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, so being a thoughtful roommate I open up the dishwasher and start putting them all away. About a third of the way through the plates and bowls I see our kitchen mouse scurry down the wall, all panicked. Sam gets excited, but nothing comes of it (except me saying "OH" in a loud voice). Apparently the lights are not a deterrent for our wee friend. We've sort of ignored him because he seems to be safely tucked behind the kitchen sink, and because Sam has been keeping a watchful eye on his home since we moved in here.

So tonight I'm sitting here in my bedroom, minding my own business, reading an email, and suddenly the boys are milling about and there's a weird noise. I look down, and they've got the mouse IN MY ROOM, and it's squeeeing between the two of them. Read more... )
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A conversation I had with Patrick the other day (warning:  kind of looooong):

L:   I had a Suzanne moment of Suzanne-ness last night!

P:    Oh?

L:   So I leave my nice air conditioned room to go to the basement and move some laundry from the washer into the dryer.  I pop on the light in the kitchen along the way and...

L:   ...wait for it....

P:   .........................


Read more... )

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Harry the one-eyed

So pretty, my one-eyed boy!
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My Harry now:


I like how smooth and photoshopped his face looks ...


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