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35. The Mind's Eye, Douglas E. Richards, SF Thriller. I liked this. Our hero wakes up in a dumpster with no idea how he got there and no memory. He realizes he's being hunted, so he takes refuge in a nearby office park and makes a friend and goes on the run. He slowly figures out that he has the ability to surf the web with his mind, he now has telepathic abilities, and he can read minds. But how? Did someone do something to him? Why are people trying to kill him? It's sort of Bourne-esque, plotwise, but it was a brisk read and not bad. I might read something else by this author.

38. The Burning Room, Michael Connelly, Crime. Harry Bosch, but not a very compelling one. He's got less than a year left before final forced retirement, so he's solving cold cases and trying to do several at a time. Motivated! It's possible that this and the following were amazing and I'm just not up to snuff as a reader right now.

39. The Redeemer, Jo Nesbo, Crime. As with all Harry Hole books (oh, hey, look! a month of Harrys!) this one was pretty dark. I can't remember now if all the books do this, but this one had a cutesy-annoying trick of cutting the scene and starting the next one with the character in the next one basically replying as if they were replying to the last one. Like "He got to his feet and waited by the doors. The brakes gave a low lament...(other stuff)...The doors slid open." (new section, new character) "Harry stepped onto the platform and stood inhaling the warm underground air." I mean, clever, but sort of wearying. Anyway, it's the last one to be translated into English from the original Norwegian, but it's from 2007 so it's in the middle of the series. A major character is killed which of course I already knew because I had read the later ones already, so that was disappointing. The red herrings were everywhere in this so figuring out whodunnit was complicated. I had it right, but I was pretty convinced I was wrong for a lot of it. There is also a big secret that's revealed that's right on the heels of the book immediately preceding it, which again would have been more effective if I had read that book recently.

So that's it. 39 books. I don't recommend major surgery for book reading productivity. So much easier to watch TV/movies than to try to read a book. It's the new year now, though, so fresh slate.


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