Nov. 8th, 2014 10:12 pm
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It is obvious that the TV season has started up in earnest, because my numbers have severely dropped.

103. The Boxtrolls, Theater. I heart this movie. Very strange and clever and charming. The creators also made Coraline and ParaNorman (I saw Coraline but not ParaNorman) — the aesthetic is similar to those.

104. The Rover, Redbox. It's the end of the world and no one feels fine. Guy Pearce is a loner who wanders around the Outback randomly existing and/or killing people. When some random thugs steal his car (which for some unexplained-until-the-very-end-of-the-movie reason he is compelled to get back), he ends up with Robert Pattinson, who is excellent in this playing the younger brother of one of the car stealing thugs. Horrible things happen, as they do. Very Mad Max. Very compelling visuals. The world is sun-seared and bleak, as I imagine most of the Outback is.

105. The East, Cable. Former FBI agent now works at a private intelligence firm and gets assigned to infiltrate an anarchist collective group. The group, led by Alexander Skarsgard, is a collection of crazy bright but crazy people who are making splashy attacks on the rich. Our heroine falls for the charismatic Skarsgard, and some things happen.

106. Brick Mansions, Redbox. One of the last things Paul Walker made. Fun action scenes. French guy (David Belle) is fun to watch do Parkour stunts (I gather he basically invented Parkour). Otherwise forgettable SFish dystopian "thugs in the hood turn out to be the least bad bad-guys in the movie" plot.

107. Transformers: Age of Extinction, Redbox. I have a strange compulsion to watch anything with Mark Wahlberg in it. I enjoyed this more than the others in this series for precisely this reason, and for this reason only. It wasn't any better than the others, but at least it didn't have the horror that is Shia LaBeouf.

108. Godzilla, Redbox, rewatch. I still find the lead character entirely forgettable. I cannot call his face to mind. Everyone else is pretty good. Love the monsters. Feel bad for the big guy. How lonely is he?

109. Sabotage (2014), Redbox. Arnie plus a bunch of interesting actors in a pedestrian plot about DEA agents gone bad. Way more violence than is usual, creepy staged serial killer-type crime scenes, over-the-top performance by Mirelle Enos. Arnold was quite good (surprisingly), but overall I can't say I liked it at all.

110. The Da Vinci Code, Cable. Rewatch. I can't help but like this movie even though the books are just so bad. I liked the book too (at least the first one). Not love, but like. No one does the intelligent hero like Hanks.

111. 2012, Cable. Rewatch. John Cusack at his John Cusack-iest — charming, earnest, crazy. Plot basically is that the Mayans were right after all and the world is going to end Dec 2012, so how do you survive the end of the world? On a massive ark, of course. Can't even pick a favorite scene, although outrunning massive volcano explosions and massive earthquakes are right up there.

112. Iron Man 3, Cable. Rewatch. Always fun to see Robert Downey Jr. do anything. SO MUCH BETTER than Iron Man 2.

113. Contagion, Cable. Rewatch. I probably shouldn't have watched this in my delicate state. But it's just so good and compelling. Alas, it is stuck in my head. Love Soderbergh.

114. The Happening, Cable. Rewatch. More Marky Mark madness. This time with M. Night directing. And it is a muddled mess. THE TREES ARE KILLING PEOPLE! Oh, sorry, SPOILERS! Dreck. Not the worst movie I watched this year by far, but it's the one that shouldn't have been so bad and is therefore the biggest disappointment.

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I agree about Iron Man 3. In fact, I also liked it better than the first Iron Man. Many fun bits.


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