Jan. 5th, 2015

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Last day of vacation is over. Because I had the dental work done, I didn't get a lot accomplished during my break. I've also had a cold the last week or so, so that really dragged me down once I had finished with the dental stuff. (Plus the goddamned pain from coughing has made it very hard to be comfortable. I was up at Jenn's house yesterday with Patrick and Peter and we were playing Cards Against Humanity and it made me laugh and cough so much that today I feel like I broke a rib! Which is funny, but also sucks!)

It all makes me a bit frustrated, I have to admit. I had a list. I only crossed a few things off of it! I guess it's good that I got the cold and the dental work outside of work time, so I didn't have to miss any additional time, but if I wasn't being productive I could at least have been deliberately relaxing and doing nothing, and I just wasn't. I managed to get everything done for Christmas, of course, and I managed to clean the kitchen and do a bunch of laundry and return a couple of things and run a few mom-errands and help mom with her new laptop, and I did have a few social activities. But it was 12 days! I should have a bit more to show for 12 days. Like here it is, 12:45am Monday morning, and I probably should pay my bills out of the paycheck I got on the 26th. Nothing is due until the 10th, but still. I've put it off SINCE the 26th, that's the point. And I need to make my new budget for the new year. And things like that! Taxes! Etc.! GET IT TOGETHER, WOMAN!

But tomorrow is back to work, so I'll probably just go to bed soon. I don't want to go back there! They're all perfectly nice and all, but I just want to be retired already. Is that so bad? I asked mother tonight if she could write me a note so I could stay home. Just like when I was a kid she said no. Waaaah. We have no holidays now until Memorial Day, which is a long brutal stretch, so I'll have to take some long weekends at the least.

Next weekend I go to hang with S&V at their seaside home. I have been invited to stay over, so perhaps I shall do that (they have a whole second apartment in their house). I haven't attempted to sleep anywhere other than in my own bed since I got home from the hospital, so I dunno how I feel about that. No wedges! No down comforter! No down pillows! No little Zak! Will I SURVIVE??? (probably if I decide to sleep over I will bring a wedge and two or three pillows. I have a car, after all, and what am I, a barbarian?!)

Tomorrow I am going to try to get back to eating better, too. I have a pile of candy I'm bringing in to the office to leave out for the ravening hordes, and most of the ice cream in the house is gone. There's not much else to make me stray, so that should help. On the other hand, there's not much good in the house, either. I was busy on Saturday, and today was just too blah to get any grocery shopping done. Another thing to add to the list! Hopefully the routine of being back at work will make me snap out of this zombie state I am in.


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