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Had a pretty decent couple of weeks. Started out stressed out about work things, since I had to make a couple of presentations to people I didn't know and who were all senior to me. Did ok. Patrick says I fidget in my seat when I present, which I didn't realize but am not really surprised by. When I used to teach college I would spend the entire three hour class pacing back and forth and waving my hands in the air. I'd get to the end of the night and I'd be completely exhausted. I even get up sometimes and pace when I'm on WebEx, so clearly I am a bursty sort. I don't know how to solve that. Maybe I'll just stop giving presentations! Yeah, that'll work.

The department my group has been reassigned to had a huge organizational meeting this week in Colorado. There was the slightest possibility that I'd have to go, but thankfully (see: fidgeting) I didn't have to and my boss went. It was pretty much bosses and other key players (I am certainly too new to be a key player). They're finalizing our reporting structure soon (ish), so I guess eventually I'll find out who is above my boss. Currently we're going to be reporting directly to the new SVP with no one in between, but that will probably change as soon as they figure out who is in charge of the new group they're creating. Anyway, all is in flux. Which is surprisingly disorienting. Do we continue to attend the old group's team meetings? Do I have to tell my no-longer-overboss what I've been doing for the past few weeks? Will he give a rat's ass? Stay tuned!

I got some public projects done this week, and was able to cc: my boss on some glossy thank yous from people, so that was spiffy. I still feel like I know nothing, but apparently some people know even less. I am the one-eyed king, I guess!

Another good thing: FINALLY an ex-coworker of mine from the last job got a job offer somewhere else. She's gone on a couple of interviews, but this one was really quick. Interview was Thursday, job offer was today (Friday). SO HAPPY for her! I am ALL IN FAVOR of everyone leaving my old boss, and I will do whatever I can to make it so. I have been pep-talking her for months, proofed her resume and made some suggestions, helped her brainstorm her portfolio, and offered to be one of her references. Oddly, for this job they didn't call. Sometimes I suspect that they just want three names on record to prove that you know three people who will stand up for you. Everything else is just unnecessary. She was very pleased to give my old boss her notice. As was I! Such a good feeling. So long, clown!

Thinking about going to Colorado anyway. My cousin lives in Boulder, and she has enthusiastically invited me to come and visit and offered to be my guide. My cousin is pretty swell, so I am giving it some thought. Maybe the end of April/beginning of May. I've never been to CO. Might be awesome!

This weekend I should do my taxes and see what I owe because I have a largish expense on the horizon. Thursday is my endoscopy to see how things are going down the hatch: has my Barrett's* stayed status quo-ish, or has something changed? Good times. Especially since I still have $900 or so to go to meet my deductible, and then I pay 20% of everything after that (up to $4k after the deductible). Looking forward to seeing how much an endoscopy is going to cost me.

Hopefully it's a huge waste of money telling me my esophagus looks spiffy and fine. I'd like that. Terms like "premalignant" are disturbing. I'd like the pre part to continue to be there, however. I only vaguely recall my last endoscopy. I recall being wheeled into the room, someone saying "swallow! swallow!" and then waking up feeling grumpy. Procedures suck. Espcially expensive ones.

Updates from previous entry: the notebook stayed on the floor in my coworker's cube for a bit over three weeks. And then, one day, it was on his shelf. Sad trombone.

And, finally, my review was excellent—as excellent as a review can be on three months' of performance. Got a raise, but it was prorated so much that it was laughable (seriously: 0.66%! that is a tiny amount of money no matter what you make unless you make CEO pay). But they kept me and my boss is happy with me, so that's good. Now it's another year before I get another shot at a raise. But I am still making more than I would have been at the old job, and I'm learning tons of new things. It's all good.

* Wow, maybe don't click that link. The image is kinda gross.
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When will February end? Seriously. It's the longest damned month. The calendar is a big fat liar. It is apparently: American Heart Month. Library Lovers Month. Black History Month. Children's Dental Health Month. National Cherry Month. National Embroidery Month. National Grapefruit Month. National Snack Food Month. National Wild Bird Feeding Month. Responsible Pet Owners' Month. I can get behind any of that. Those all sound great. But can they all be over already? I think I'm going to have to use a few of my precious vacation days next month, because bleah. I guess if I lived in the southern hemisphere it would probably be July or August that I hated. But I don't live there, so fuck you, February.

Next week is my review. My boss tells me it's all good, she's really happy with where I am, my progress, etc. So that's good. We'll see if it means more money. That would also be good. Patrick tells me that it will be prorated, since I've only been here six months. Well, that's still something. It's a stupid policy, because it's a whole year until the next raise, but they could give me nothing and it would still be a whole year until the next raise, so I guess if I get any cash it's all good.

I have been kind of moving right along lately at my job. I keep tackling problems and solving them. P tells me I've been good in a couple of his meetings. Feeling ok about all of it. I am enjoying the actual work. There are a lot of political maneuverings and machinations all around me, but so far it doesn't really involve me. I have a friend there (not P) who's in the thick of it and so I hear all about it from her, but we're in different groups so I am mostly insulated from it.

I have been very appreciative of the "no micromanaging" policy of my company, especially lately. When I started my boss told me that as long as the work gets done, no one is terribly bothered by clock-punching or facetime, and that I should just use my best judgement about things. I have used this rather liberally lately, as the weather has been terrible. Why should I go out on the roads and risk anyone's life if I don't have to? And it's fine. At my last job, it was a constant battle and stress and anxiety, but here it's nothing. I don't even have to tell anyone. I just stay home and log in and work. There's a guy who sits behind me that hasn't been in for almost two weeks now, and I don't think anyone other than me has noticed. (He has kids, it's school vacation. Pretty sure that's the reason.)(I've mostly noticed because about three weeks ago he dropped a bright green notebook on the floor in his cube, and despite being in a couple times, didn't bother to pick it up. Every day that I walk in past it I notice it, so I'm sort of tracking how long before it's off the floor. Secretly I hope he never picks it up. Statement of slobbishness or ennui? I choose ennui.)

SO basically work is good. I just wish I could get my shit together at home. Practically every single night looks like this: leave work sometime between 5:30-6:30. Pick up something at a store, usually for mother. Come home, make dinner. Eat dinner, tidy up. Do chore (sometimes trash, sometimes laundry, sometimes just load the dishwasher). Turn on desktop computer and tv, zone out playing FreeCell and reading the internet and watching tv. Phone alarm reminds me to go to bed. Get in bed with iPad, catch up on Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends. Read a bit of my current book. Sleep.

I seriously need to do more! I have somewhere between four and five hours of non-chores time after work before sleep, and I'm not using it productively at all. No jewelry making, no walking, no elaborate house cleaning, no organizing, no projects. Nothing! If nothing else I should get some more damned sleep.

Well, at least I can manage that last one tonight.
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Not a lot going on. Last week we had to postpone the coworker get-together because of snow, so I just had my Jenn dinner last Thursday for social stuff. We went to a newish restaurant near my work, the Yard House, and ate lots of nummy things like deviled eggs and truffle fries and appetizer tacos. I even had a drink!

Took a sick day on Monday because I hadn't been feeling well all the prior weekend, and the Marketing department that I'm now apparently a part of had their monthly meeting, and I guess my site was the main topic of discussion. Great. I missed it. So it threw me into a tizzy of working extra all week, trying to justify my existence. I scheduled a meeting with some of the key players and my boss on Friday because I figured I should just face the music and see what is going on, and apparently I did a really good job during the meeting and my boss was happy with me and pleased with all the stuff I'd already done. Whew. I am not sure if I was worried for nothing, or if my week of extra work and diligence pulled my ass out of the fire. Apparently I know some stuff and sound like I know some stuff, so maybe that's enough.

Tuesday was the work people get-together. We all get along pretty well so it was a fun night of a lot of laughing. Went to Longhorn's and ate lots of steak and dessert. This hasn't been the best week for my "make better choices" resolution. Because then the girl scout cookies rolled into work, also. Ah well. There's always next week.

Did a few other chores-type things this week. Got a new tire for my car after realizing that the low tire pressure idiot light was actually correct and my tire wasn't complaining about the cold, it was actually not holding air anymore. Managed to dispute a parking ticket online (dunno about the success of it, yet, but at least I tried!). Collected all my tax information except one W2. This year I'll have three: one two-week period with my old company, almost 8 months with the company that bought my old company, and 4 months with the new company. I have all but the two week period (OF COURSE). I also have all three proof of medical coverage forms, and my student loan interest paid form, and info about my 401k loan. Just waiting on the two week W2. Would like to file to see how much I owe. Because this year I will definitely owe.

Mailed a package to California on the 9th of January, and watched it travel to Springfield, then New Jersey, to Cali, back to New Jersey, to Springfield, back to New Jersey, and finally to CA again, arriving at its final destination on 1/29. And the Post Office wonders why people get so pissed off at them. 20 days? Very glad I got tracking and insurance on it. That's pretty infuriating. And why all the touring? Christ.

Did very little today. Slept as late as I could, but was awakened by a text at 9:54 so had to give up then. Had lunch, grocery shopped, put some windshield washer fluid in my car (I realized that I had thought I'd go to Jiffy Lube today partly because I needed fluids topped off, and then I thought that was a really dumb reason and bought fluid myself. Geez, woman, get a grip), came home and put everything away, and just slumped in bed reading for the rest of the afternoon. Lots of rest. I still feel sick, however, and would like to take a month off and hide under my covers*. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Monday. Not because I'm not feeling well—my doctor's office calls me every six months or so and prods me to come in for bloodwork and such. But the timing is handy! I'm sure his prescription will be to go to bed earlier, eat healthier food, exercise, and drink more water. Sigh. BUT IT'S FEBRUARY! I don't do well with those things in February.

My real goal for this month is to survive it by drugging myself with television and fiction. As I do every February. And ok, I'll try to drink more water and sleep more. But I make no promises. March will get here eventually.

Off to hibernate!

* Actually, I'd like to take a month away from my actual life and go somewhere where I don't know anyone and don't have any obligations, and just read books and wander around taking photographs and having nice lunches. Preferably somewhere with sunshine and excellent food, and perhaps with free massages. Because dear god, I seriously need massages.
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Fairly ordinary couple of weeks. Busy at work, but I feel like I am in a classic "two steps forward, one step back" pattern, so that's not mentally encouraging. My boss was in a casual conversation with the new head of Marketing about me and what I'd been doing, and the head of Marketing said something like "Oh, we should have a win there, maybe by February?" But with no indication what a "win" would consist of. I guess something that would be visible, that could be released to the company at large? I dunno. So I am quietly sweating that. I was going to try to work some extra this weekend, but I just don't feel like it.

Had a couple of fun social things, with a couple more coming this week. Hung out with Stephen and Val a couple weekends ago, which was good. Hadn't seen them in a couple of months so it was good to catch up. They have a giant 3D television that they were showing me, and I have to admit, it's pretty cool! You have to wear glasses, still, but they're fancy electronic glasses and the effect is pretty darn good. Probably not something I'd be willing to spend the dosh on anytime soon, but neat to know it exists. Apparently there is a whole section of 3D things you can watch when you have FIOS. Pretty cool.

Last night I went to Arisia, our largest local science fiction convention. I didn't go to actually attend the con, but to see people. My college science fiction club, fondly known as UMSFS, was having a 50th anniversary party. First up, however, I got to have dinner with Suzanne and two of my college roommates (a married couple). They moved to California a bunch of years ago, so it had been a really long time since I'd seen them. Really fun to hang out with them all night. When we were roommates, their son was born. He's now a junior in college! God I'm old.

We headed to the party after, and I got to see a bunch of people that I also hadn't seen in decades (and some I see all the time). Lots of them are Facebook friends, so your typical "What have you been up to?" question quickly proved to be kind of dumb, since I already knew who had kids, where they worked, and the kind of things they did for fun. But it was still good to catch up in person.

There was an amusing picture of me with C., the other half of the married couple, sitting on my lap in the photo album that was being passed around. I hope they scan it, because I'd love to have a copy. I must be 24? 25? in it, because I'm not wearing glasses and I look pretty young. C. pointed out that in every picture of her in the album she is being dramatic and center-of-attentiony, and she said something like "I guess I was THAT girl." Interesting to look back and glimpse who you used to be! I guess that's what reunions are all about, really. Anyway, it was a fun night. I really should have gone to the convention this year, got a hotel room, all of that. It would have been fun to stay up super late and not think about home. But I left around midnight and slogged through the snow, found a $40 ticket on my car (says I was in a residential parking zone and I totally wasn't! I was in a metered spot! I'll have to go back in the daytime to take some better photos and then dispute it), and drove home.

Next up is dinner with the new work crew on Tuesday. The company is having a big dress-up party at some yacht club on Thursday, but it's employee-only. No plus-one, which we all thought was stupid. So we're doing an alternate program with spouses invited, which means Patrick will bring Peter, and Charles will bring his wife, and the remaining three of us will blink quietly to ourselves (we're all single). Should be fun, though! Damn the man!

Thursday night is dinner with Jenn. Not sure where we're going yet, but I always have a good time with Jenn.

Three social things in a week is a lot of social things for me!
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So they finally found the REAL ACTUAL problem with the car. The power junction box had to be replaced; it was causing a short of some kind, so that when I used something like the rear defrost or the heat or something (they weren't sure which thing) it would cause a drain when the car was off. But only sometimes. They found it because I said "the only things I've been doing differently this week than the last time was that I used the rear defrost, used the seat warmer, and probably ran the heat some" and so they put everything on, then turned the car off and found the drain. Yay!

The part cost $850. Boo!

But in theory it's fixed. I guess we'll see. A week so far and everything is fine.

Been busy at work. Happier with it. Got a bonus. They gave me a full actual bonus based on my annual salary, rather than a pro-rated this is how long you've worked so far bonus, so that was super nice and unexpected. I am using up my accrued vacation time the last week of the year (I have 39 hours, so between Dec 20 and Jan 1 I need to work 1 hour) so I am eagerly waiting for the next two weeks to pass.

On the other hand, I probably should do some Christmas shopping for people before then. I bought mother a present and a couple of small things, and that's it. I spent pretty much all of my bonus already by fixing my car, so I need to wait til Friday for any serious shopping. I am determined to not use a dime of credit card money from here on out, maybe for the rest of my life if I can swing it, so everything will have to wait til after the 13th. I had planned to clean up the living room some and put up the tree this weekend but I just didn't get to it. I'll do it in stages after work this week.

Going to see P's show on the 13th with Jenn; that should be fun. Jenn also picked us up tickets for The Book of Mormon for April, so that should be fun, too. ("Tickets? I love tickets!")

I got nothing else, really. I have a yule log video on my other screen, so it's sorta soothing. I've been toggling mute on and off, because dear god, some of the music is dreadful. Vince Guaraldi is there, but so is Kenny G.

Evidence that I am not exercising enough: I had to spend some time today picking out books to listen to at Audible because I had 12 credits stacked up and that felt wasteful. 12! So now I have 10 new titles, 2 credits in reserve, and no time to listen to books. The job requires too much of my brain to listen while I work, and the walking is cold and outside, and usually done with Patrick lately at lunchtime, so no listening options there. My commute is 15-20 minutes most days, so I won't get too far in any book. I'll have to give that a shot, though, because that's all I got.
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And a week later and I feel much better about work. The very next day after I posted that last, my boss and I had our weekly meeting and she said how impressed she was with what I'd been doing. I held a shit-ton of meetings with people this week and they were all productive. I took on an additional project outside of my actual job, because it totally is the same as what I do, but for a separate group (sorta).

So work is kinda good! I now have a metric buttload of work to do. METRIC BUTTLOAD. But being busy ensures that I won't have time to feel lonely or useless. Which is good.

So in non-work parts of my life, I finally went to the eye doctor for the first time in a few years. I went to Patrick's eye doctor at his suggestion, and I love him. He's very soft spoken and nice, but has a funny edge and listened to my questions and answered them, unlike my old eyedoc who was basically an android who ignored me while quietly humming to himself. The end result is that my eyes are healthy, I only need to go once per year, and I got a new prescription. I got one new pair of glasses through his place, because hey, he's swell and I have an eye plan that pays for a lot of it and he should make some scratch off of me. Then I got one through Zenni Optical, which I'd been planning on doing for YEARS, but never got around to. My glasses from them arrived today and they're totally cute and they fit and the prescription is perfect. And hey, frames for $19.00! Of course I needed progressive lenses and I got antiscratch coating or something so they worked out to a little over $50, but cool backup glasses for $50? I might get a different pair for every day of the week!

What else is new? I haven't been reading as much as I did this summer, when I was taking the train every day and read for a solid half hour each way, but I've been getting some reading in. I need to post my updated counts. I don't know if I can go back and review everything. Mostly I'd say "hey, this was pretty good!" about all of it, anyway.

Oh, and the car. Sigh. The car. So I bought the damnable thing in May of 2010. Happy happy joy joy! 2007 Mazda 3. Cute! Really fun to drive! Then in December it needed a new battery. Ok. Probably it still had the original battery, and the car had over 60K on it, maybe that makes sense. Fine. AAA puts in a new battery with a warranty. There were subsequent jumps, not sure how many. At least two the following November, because I have printouts from them. Pretty sure some in between. Probably right around there I got a warranty replacement battery because it finally tripped a sensor to say bad cell. So, 1.5 years, two new batteries. Ugh. Definitely got another warranty battery in October of 2012, because again, I have the slip. AAA getting annoyed with me. "They can't all be bad batteries." etc. I can't afford to be without the car for long enough to get it diagnosed, however. (batteries #1, #2, and #3)

May 2013, I get moved to new office in Boston. Car sits all week, because I am taking public transportation. Very first week I have to get it jumped.

May 13, I have it towed in to the dealership. I figure ok, I don't need it for M-F, they can keep it all week and diagnose and fix the problem. Left it there for three days. "Nothing we can find. Sorry! We even checked with Mazda to see if they had any ideas. Nope." They charge up the battery. That should do it!

June 10, dead again, back to the shop. Left it there three days. "Can't find any draws, starter is fine, diagnostics say everything is AOK. Must be the 'aftermarket' battery. We recommend a Mazda battery." Uh-huh. Ok, fine. Put in 3 year warranty battery. That should do it! (battery #4)

July 30, dead battery. Dead dead. New battery put in under warranty. Found a corroded connector on the battery terminals. Cleaned that. That should do it! (battery #5)

Stopped working Boston job end of August. Started driving car daily again.

October 12, 92K on car, clutch craps out. Put in $1400 new clutch. Unrelated, but relevant to frustration level. Helpful "Full Circle Service Report Card" on back of expensive receipt gives battery a green and says 100% charge level! That should do it!

November 5, dead cell in dead battery. Diagnosis, must be the battery was defective. Uh-huh. New battery put in under warranty. That should do it! (battery #6)

November 20, 15 days later, car starts hard. Was the first really cold morning of the year, so while I had the dread sick feeling, the eternal optimist was all "oh, it'll probably be fine". Left work that night, car started hard. Ugh. Drove it extra, so it could charge up? Be warm? Mostly because I felt like if I performed the right series of rituals it would all be fine.

November 21, car won't start. Battery not dead, but really drained (I could open the door locks and the dome light came on when I got in. When it's dead dead I can't do those things). Had towed to dealership. Told service guy if they couldn't find the problem this time and they tell me it's fine? They have to buy it. He laughed nervously.

Phone call end of November 21: "We found two problems!" (I might have some of these details wrong, because I took the call at work and was slightly distracted, so don't hold me to this) Apparently my hood pin sensor (something) was disconnected, which told the car that the hood was open all the time and kicked on an idiot light while the car was off. I never noticed it??? Sounds unlikely. And something about the starter needed cleaning and adjusting, it made it start harder when it got jostled, and that is a known problem in Mazda 3s.

IF IT'S A KNOWN PROBLEM, mightn't someone have thought of that back in MAY? When they supposedly contacted the mother ship who said no, no known issues with starting in Mazdas. (They probably asked if there were any known issues in battery draws so they missed the obvious?)

ANYWAY, they think this time that they've got it for sure. The sensor light drained the battery enough that the starter issue kicked in. They reconnected the sensor and cleaned and adjusted the starter. They're keeping it overnight. Going to see how it is in the morning. That should do it!

Can't wait to see if it makes it past three weeks, this time. Thankfully all of this shit (except the clutch) hasn't cost me much. Two batteries. One small diagnosis fee ($60). Whatever it costs tomorrow. And my blessed AAA membership. But the annoyance factor? I feel like I've aged 10 years!

I don't plan on buying another Mazda after this one, which is a shame, because even with all of its problems, I heart it. I only have $5k left on the payments, universe. I've only had the car 3.5 years. It's only six years old. CUT ME SOME FREAKING SLACK!!

So that's my week. How's yours?
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I have now worked four days, and I maybe am starting to get a grip on the company, who does what, and what the company does overall. But I haven't even started looking at my own function yet!

So on Day 1 I was supposed to have orientation, where we'd get a welcome from bigwigs, have some chats about benefits, take a tour, all that. Instead, we filled out our I-9s, got our badges and laptops and a brief tech introduction, and were escorted (after a very brief tour) to our desks. The HR person was out sick, so we were castoffs. Anyway, I have Patrick sitting right near me, or should I say he had me seated near him, so he took me under his wing and brought me around and introduced me to everyone and later brought me to lunch with his posse.

My boss, who works out of the NY office, called me later and we chatted a bit. She told me a few priorities: go through the company org chart, read up on as much stuff about what we do as I can, and just really look around the website and the sharepoint site and a bunch of documents and ...

So I've been doing that, in addition to attending webinars, conference calls, talking to her some more, and even one F2F meeting with a team. And that's about all I've been doing. Next week I am going to start learning Sharepoint, I think. Although I'm already booked up for a lot more webinars and meetings and such. It's good. My boss told me that I have to "know a little bit about everything, and be able to talk to people who know everything about a few things." I've always been a bit of a generalist, so that works.

Until today I felt flail-y and lost, but I started to get a little more of a feel for things by the end of the day. Soaking in at last? I dunno. I plan to do a little over the weekend, try to get ahead. Whatever ahead can possibly mean.

I am so completely not used to not punching a clock. Not having to account for every little second. I don't even have a start time. Just...whenever. Patrick tells me I need to stop stressing about how many hours in the day I'm working, but I can't break that habit just yet, I think. I did take two walks today, however, right in the middle of my day. Sitting for so long watching webinars is strangely exhausting, especially since I am trying to remain invested and interested. I needed outdoors and exercise. So that's good.

I've been a computer worker for pretty much my entire professional life, usually locked to my desk by either a telephone or just being an hourly employee. This type of knowledge work is very different, however. Thinking! What's that? I don't feel like I'm earning my keep yet, but I'm sure next week will be better. Why is there not some kind of training for my job? Why is my boss not more organized? But I guess that's the point, right? That's why they need me. [Although I do believe they should have a page or two on the extensive website that had links to introductory training sessions like "welcome, here's what we do, here are our six main products, here's how they work." Because these trainings exist, but there is MUCH motivated digging required to find them.][YES, I will INDEED make that suggestion]

OH yeah: I thought I was losing two weeks of PTO by moving companies, but it turns out they have separate "sick" time at my new company totalling five days, so really I'm only losing one week. It didn't even occur to me to ask that, since my last two jobs PTO included any time off other than holidays. So that's a win. My boss told me I should definitely use that, too. Just be a little subtle, like don't have five sick days right after Christmas.

Other good things: the cafeteria is decent and reasonably priced and directly across the hall from where we sit. There is a secret snack chamber near my desk (I sit near all the developers, so there's a ping pong table, a soda fridge, and a snack chamber with, like, twizzlers and smart food and such). My desk is nice enough. I like Patrick's friends (they're all sarcastic and funny), and a good ice machine, water dispenser, and even vending machines are nearby (and not on a different floor, like at the last place). I'm on the first floor, so if the elevator dies it's not a health hazard. At least one upper boss that I've met is actually competent AND nice. There's only one annoying guy in my immediate seating area who is extremely loud and fond of himself, but at least he doesn't make gross eating noises like my overboss did in my last job, plus I don't have to answer at all to him, so it's still an upgrade. And I just wear headphones when he's on a conference call.

And the commute? Ah, the commute! I left my phone at home the other day (I am sooooo scattered!), so I went home to get it a half hour before I needed to be on a call with my boss, and I made it back in time! Why did I bother? BECAUSE I COULD. The biggest traffic problem in the morning is if there's a cop directing traffic at the one intersection before I get to the office. It's right near the on/off ramp to rte 95, so there's a bit of traffic there, but at most it adds two minutes to my drive. I guess I can deal! Patrick says it won't be long before I'm cussing everyone out. I'm certain he's right.
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Well! I am officially unemployed, at least for another week. I had my last day at work Friday, and there was pizza and a card signed by everyone and an amazingly delicious cake (made by my culinary school grad pal Joanne) and then after work there was dinner at BBQ place Sweet Cheeks, near Fenway. It was all pretty awesome, but also totally bittersweet. After I dropped off one of my coworkers at her place, I was finally alone and burst into tears! Stress, I guess.

Anyway, now I am pretty mellow about all of it. I'm sure come Monday Sept 2, right around 8pm, I will start to lose it and get nervous again, but for now all is calm. I have a few plans for the week. Sunday I went to Stephen and Val's new beachfront place for dinner. Their place unexpectedly made me totally jealous (in a good way). The second floor deck looking out over the ocean! I want a deck looking out over the ocean! It was so nice to just sit there and see the waves and watch people walk by. My pals are a little light-sensitive (due to illness) so it's almost funny how shaded and blinded everything is. I imagine that if I lived there I'd take down all the shades, have a few sheers, and fill the place with plants. OK, I'd have shades in the bedroom and bathroom, duh! But it would be so nice to just live with the changing weather. I grew to appreciate the weather this summer being high up in my building downtown. Weather is so much more interesting when you can basically see the clouds form. Anyway, I love their new place.

Thursday I'm driving to western Mass to see Suzanne and go to the live show of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" out at Tanglewood. That should be fun! I'll be spending the night at Suzanne's, as the show doesn't start til 8pm and I'm assuming that by the time it ends, Tanglewood to Boston might be a bit too long a trip to complete safely. I plan to go to my favorite Valley places while I'm out thataway, too, so more BBQ is in my immediate future.

Speaking of BBQ, my weight has gone totally to hell. By hell, I mean it's all gone totally to my gut and boobs and all the other unpleasant places weight goes when it comes back with a vengeance. In one year I've put back on 30+ pounds. PISSED OFF. Hoping that now that the uncertainty and stress of this job thing is mostly behind me I can get my shit back under control. There's a free gym at the new office. Hoping that will encourage me to get some workout time in. I think also having the ability to take a walk at lunchtime might help, too. I didn't have that at the downtown office. By the time you waited for the elevator, walked somewhere, got food, came back, waited for the elevator again, etc, most of break was over. The new place has a cafeteria in the building, and I'm hoping I'll bring lunches again. It was harder to bring lunches when you had to lug it around with you on the train and bus and whatnot. Plus my day was already too long. I couldn't deal with taking 10 extra minutes to make and pack lunch. Anyway, I probably won't try to start until I get comfy at the new place.

I think Sunday I am going to go see Elysium with Stephen, which should be good. Really loved District 9, and the aesthetic looks similar so yay, apocalyptic bleached-by-the-sun landscapes! I might try to sneak in one other movie at some point this week, also. I didn't do my classic "watch the worst movie I can find on my birthday" thing, due to working, so I am a little bummed about that. I guess I don't have to be a slave to tradition. Maybe I'll go to the best movie I can find, instead! I have been renting Redbox flicks, and saw a few really good ones last week ("Mud" was a standout) so there's that.

So that's all the news. I am spending some time getting the house a little more orderly than it has been since my stupid commute started. Deep cleaned the bathroom. Washed down some floors. Tidied a few other places. Been pounding laundry like mad. Got a lot more to do, but since I only have a couple of things planned, I should have time (and hopefully some enthusiasm) to get a bunch done. I wish I could have taken more time in between jobs, but the week is pretty good.
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I feel like I should update, but...February. I never did get the hang of February, and I know it's March but it lasts like a really bad hangover. Especially with the foot of snow we got today. Bah. Also been drowning in busywork at work, so I feel disconnected from life. No free time to surf social media?! What the hell kind of job IS this?!

It's the annoying kind, actually. We got the bad news at work that no, we won't get title and level reviews at this time, because everyone coming over from our old firm is in the same boat. Except, of course, that my department is worse off than everyone else. But hey! They know best. We're in third class on the Titanic. Got a pail? It's a little damp down here.

Took my tax refunds and put them on debt. I know how to live, don't I? I have mentally reserved myself some money out of it to buy myself a new phone, but I am going to wait for July and see what Apple rolls out. No point getting a 5 now if it's a 5S in July.

Cat is good. Mother is fine. Friends are all ok. Basically I've got a solid MEH for the last few weeks. Not even motivated enough to post my media roundup. Maybe this weekend.

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Apparently I still have pretty deep food issues, because I've been seriously sad all day, and I really think it's about Hostess closing down. Which is SO WEIRD, because honestly until today I haven't had a Hostess or a Drake's product in about a year and a half. But man, I loved them all: Cupcakes, Donettes, Pies, Twinkies, and on the Drake's side, Yodels, Pies, Yankee Doodles, Sunny Doodles, Devil Dogs...I can't go on.

When I was a kid, my mother would hand me cash and make me go to the convenience store for her, to pick up her cigarettes and some snacks. She was partial to snacks I didn't like, like those sugar-covered jelly "fruit" slices, but I was also allowed to get myself something, and inevitably it would be either a Hostess or Drake's thing. It was a bright spot in my day, and the one time my mother could be relied upon to be happy with me.

I think it's also that some things seem eternal. I mean, no one eats Wonder Bread any more, right? But you always expect to see that cheerful wrapper in the bread aisle. I really can't imagine wandering around the snack aisle and not having cupcakes as an option! And I guess I've been very loyal over the years: I've never eaten a single Little Debbie product. They seemed WRONG.

Obviously I try not to eat foods like that, now. If I'm going to pile on the calories I want it to be genuinely delicious and not just super sweet. But one of the ways I've managed to mostly stay on track with my weight was to remind myself that the things that I used to love will always be there, and I can have them later, when I get closer to my goal. BUT! Now I can't, ever again! And so what, right? But I guess it's a big deal in my head.

I'm pretty sure it's also tied in with my company going through bankruptcy and purchase. We got our offer letters for the new company yesterday while Hostess' news was everywhere, and somehow they've become inextricably linked in this management vs. workers morass in my brain. I feel so bad for the Hostess workers. I hate their management for blaming the workers and their strike when in reality it was them and their enormous bonuses and their terrible management practices. I hate my management for screwing up our company and making a lot of people lose their jobs. I hate that even the people who are getting new jobs with this new company are stressed beyond belief because we just don't know what is next. I hate that we have been treated like lower-than-second-class citizens during this process. I hate the injustice of the way we currently do business (we, the country). I hate Mitt Romney and everything he stands for, and I just know he'd be just like the CEO of Hostess that I saw on tv today, blaming the strike.

There's also the local Johnnie's Foodmaster sale, mostly to Whole Foods. Another local chain swallowed up by a giant non-local chain. I was walking around the store the other night and I found it unbelievably sad. It was totally a community center; local teens all worked there, the bulletin board was very active with lost cat notices, people looking to do odd jobs, etc., and due to its central location everyone stopped there for supplies all the time. But now it's a hollow shell, and all the employees are going to have to interview with the Whole Foods corporate people to see if they can get a position at the new store — which won't be open for many months.

Bye Johnnie's

This morning, on my way to work, I stopped at my local convenience store and bought a pack each of Donettes, Yodels, Chocolate Cupcakes, and Orange Cupcakes (that's all they had other than SnoBalls, which I never liked). If I can find Devil Dogs somewhere I'll get some of those, too. I've eaten the Donettes and the Yodels today. I want to eat the others, but once I do they're gone forever, so I don't know when I will. (It's just like how I've still never seen the last episode of Firefly because once I do, there will never be another new episode of Firefly to look forward to.)

Last of an Era

I know they're planning to sell the brand, and some day, probably soon, there will be Twinkies and Cupcakes and so forth again. But knowing that all the workers have been discarded after decades of service, I don't know that I'll ever be able to bring myself to eat another morsel of their food. It won't be the same at all. And that just makes me so sad.
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It's possible that within the next two weeks I won't have a job anymore. The rumor mill is churning in overdrive right now: there's some pretty good evidence that we've been purchased, and that there will be big changes in staffing. We've heard it's a done deal. In fact, some reps from the new company were in a conference room here the other night, typing away furiously on laptops, and no one was allowed in (including people needing to fix things so they could use them in that room). The partners had a big meeting two nights ago. One of the founders of our company is leaving to go back to teaching. My direct managers are all in a "review" meeting right now (it's the end of the year, performance review-wise, so they COULD actually be doing that, but it seems pointless).

We've heard also that if we do retain our jobs we'll have to move offices, because they're renting ours out. Thanks to Sandy, our NYC office is offline until at least Monday, so we're all pretty sure we won't hear anything definitive until after they reopen. But the rumor is that everything will be done, i.e., decisions made about staffing, etc., by mid-month November.

The thing is, I would LOVE to be laid off right now. I would be SO HAPPY. They'd probably do a decent severance. I'd qualify for unemployment. I live in Massachusetts, so I'd be fine for health insurance. I live with Mom, so I wouldn't be out on the street. It's an ideal time, really, if such things can be ideal. [Which of course means I will not get laid off.]

The other thing is that the new company is a good company to work for. Huge huge company. Better benefits than ours. Highly regarded in the industry. Good promotion record for women. Women in upper management positions. So if I end up over there, that might be good, too. At least it would be a new company on my resume. I've worked at the same place for almost 13 years, now, which in the modern economy looks like I'm stagnating (which is true). Having a new company on my resume would be good.

So really, either way is good. I'd prefer the layoff. But at least at the new company I'd have opportunities to move into new positions. There isn't really anything I'd want to do at my current company. So we're all on edge, waiting for the shoe to drop.

In other news, my kitty has a new name. No more Mr. Whiskers, he's now Zachary. Mom gave me a list of names she liked, and I picked it off the list. Cooperation! Zach Johnson is a golfer she likes, so Zach it is. We're calling him Zach Black. He's rambunctious and adorable. And sometimes I want to kill him. And sometimes Sally Ali wants to kill him. But we're managing. He's very smart and very curious, and he occasionally ends up with a face full of cobwebs due to his curiosity and my inadequate housekeeping skills. Mr. Whiskers, indeed.

My exercising is less than satisfactory, and I've been eating a bunch. I'm on the upside of the four to five pounds I keep surfing, so that's not good. This stupid knee is sometimes better, and sometimes awful. I slept poorly last night, tossing and turning, achy all over, and that's true more often than not. I'll probably have to see my doctor about it, because it's just not good and I need a plan of action. I have a prescription for Tramadol, but I don't want to just treat the symptons. I'd like to see what I can do to solve it.

It's a new month, so I'm hoping to double down and get busy again. I haven't walked since Saturday, and here it is Thursday. I'll walk at lunch today, but I am so out of my groove. I've even been forgetting to put the Fitbit on.

Exercise Oct 20-Oct 30
Sat: Nothing; Fitbit logged 3,200 steps
Sun: Walking 60 min; Fitbit logged 9,700 steps
Mon: Nothing; Fitbit logged 4,000 steps
Tue: Walking 40 min; Didn't wear Fitbit
Wed: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
Thu: Walking 45 min; Didn't wear Fitbit
Fri: Nothing; Fitbit logged 7,000 steps
Sat: Walking 40 min Fitbit logged 8,200 steps
Sun: Nothing; Fitbit logged 5,100
Mon: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit
Tue: Nothing; Didn't wear Fitbit


Jul. 31st, 2012 12:22 am
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So I feel angsty, but I don't have a particularly concrete reason. I have a couple of new things that are contributing to the angst, but one of them is six weeks off, and the other one is dumb. Still, they're affecting me.

I am the trainer at my job. Everyone new in the department goes through me. I also train external people — all the new consultants at the firm get an hour with me. I train on topics, sometimes, also, in classrooms ranging from 2 to 35 people at a time. So when our department managed to snag an external client of our very own who decided that they wanted some training for their own people, of course I'm the resource. The client is a large cosmetics company based in New York, and they want us to hold on-site training in Powerpoint and in using their template (which we've built for them). Fine. Scary, a bit, but fine. Free trip to NY, which is fun.

Except now they've ratcheted things up a bit and it's going to take place over 2 days, with a full day the first day and a half day with "power users" the second day. So that means I need to train for 12 hours. I need to have 12 hours of things to say! That's a LOT of hours, people.

I taught a computer science class for seven years at the college level. The classes I taught, even with lab, were never more than three hours per day. I've led large classroom training sessions at work, but never more than two hours. When I train our internal department people I spend an entire week with them, but I always send them off to do exercises for hours of each day. So ... I've NEVER done this before.

And! We have to basically write the entire curriculum in the next six weeks. I mean, almost nothing that we already use in-house is relevant, because everything we do is customized — we have specific toolbars and macros that we built to make our working lives easier, and almost every training document we have is based off the custom macros.

So! I am about to DROWN and I'm very nervous.

And! I have nothing to wear! New York City! Cosmetics company! I'm sure I can't show up in my jeans. AIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE! It's like all my personal horrors in one two day event. AWESOME.

The second thing? I read Bob Harper's book "The Skinny Rules" yesterday. He's one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser, and he decided to put down a bunch of rules about how to get skinny. And currently I follow exactly none of them. I mean, a lot of the rules make sense. Drink a large glass of water immediately before every meal. Go to bed hungry — meaning don't eat anything for several hours before bedtime. But then there are hard ones, like no carbs after lunch. He wants women to only eat 1200 calories a day. I have a hard time sticking to 1800 right now. I can't IMAGINE 1200. So I'm feeling like I'm doing it all wrong!

Patrick pointed out that I am losing weight, am off several meds, feel better. That he's trying to sell his book by making me feel bad. That what I've been doing has been working for me for a year, and that, anecdotally, I should have gained back everything I'd lost by now plus 10 pounds. I guess that's all true. I picked the book up because there were recipes and stuff, and I know he's a veggie fanatic and I need veggie help. I need to really be more selective about what I'm taking out of the book, I think.

Anyway, I had a week. It was fine. Worked out Wed (20 min bike, 5 min elliptical, 20 min swimming). Thursday was our summer work outing, which this year was a cruise on Boston Harbor. They had predicted terrible downpours and lightning and stuff, but it was just partly cloudy and hot, so that was pretty nice. I can't remember the last time I'd been on the harbor, so that was nice, too. The food was decent and although only appetizers, pretty plentiful, so I counted it as a "cheat" day and proceeded to eat All The Things. The best part? My coworker Joanne and I scurried away when the karaoke started and hid up on the deck. Because otherwise I might have leaped. I really gotta take up drinking.

Despite feeling perfectly fine on the boat, I woke up on Friday with an inner ear problem that made me dizzy all day. I read that that's pretty common after you've been on a cruise. I had to skip going to weight class that night, because I thought I might fall over with a barbell and that might be bad. Driving was occasionally a challenge, too! Was better by Sunday, and is mostly gone today.

Dinner and a movie (Mary and Max on Netflix) with P Saturday night, Sunday was lunch with P and some light shopping, then today was chores day with a dollop of Y action (25 min bike, 30 min walking, 45 min weights). I was trying hard not to think about the training thing until I go back to work tomorrow, but Mom (sigh) pointed out I'd need something to wear and that threw me into a tizzy, and then it basically ruined the rest of the day for me. CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE in a big way. I did feel better after the gym, however. Beat the angst out of me. Hard to worry about something far away when something close by is heavy and needs picking up and putting down.

So last week I felt pretty good about life, and this week I feel unsettled. I guess that's fine.
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Had a pretty good weekend. Took Saturday off as my makeup holiday. Spent the day shopping. Clothes shopping, shoe shopping, grocery shopping, etc. Didn't find much, but at least I looked around.

Sunday I headed out to western Mass to see Suzanne and take her out to lunch for her birthday. Had a good time, saw the kids and the pets, hung out with Suzanne for a while. Got home before too late, spent the night mostly napping and reading.

Today was date day with Brian, and it was my turn to choose our activity. He'd recently found an arcade not too far away that opened in January and has pinball and lots of it, so I chose that, and we headed north. I love pinball, it's my favorite arcade-type activity. This place is awesome! Super friendly people work there, it's nice and clean, games are really well maintained (and hey, practically everything in the room is 25-30 years old, so that's impressive), clean bathrooms, funky choices in the vending machines. Fun! I had so despaired of finding good pinball anywhere, and now there's this place! Nice.


Tomorrow I am set to have a super busy day. Training a consultant remotely for an hour, then training the new Design person for the remainder of the day (and the week). He didn't start last week because he had gotten another gig through the temp company we use for contractors, so since we didn't offer him the job til late on Monday, we decided to let him have the other job for that week and start him tomorrow.

Even though I like being the department trainer, I always have a lot of pre-training dread. I have to be perky and smart and together for a whole week! It's rather exhausting. Filter everything I say, do everything properly, be nice. Ugh. It'll be fine, I know, but it's still not my favorite thing.

I've been looking at maybe taking a certificate program in Instructional Design — there's what looks like a decent program at UMass/Boston, and it's not so much money for what might be a new, better direction for me. Not training, but developing training. I think I'd be good at that. Since I already have a master's degree, I figure that maybe I don't actually need the full Master's in ID; I have a lot of experience already in training and teaching, and maybe if I combine my experience with a certificate (which would give me some education theory as well as introduction to the field) I might be able to get more interesting jobs. Anyway, I've been thinking about it. I'd rather not take on more expense/debt, but I learn best in a classroom setting, and I'd need some credentials.

Yawn. I'd best get some sleep.
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We have a new guy starting at work on Wednesday. One of our colleagues in another office decided to become an Exec.Ass and they decided to fold that headcount into ours. I've seen the resume of the new guy since I'll be training him, and he's been doing my type of job since 1983. Nineteen Eighty Three. I graduated from high school in 1982. That's a long-ass time to be in a field.

And now he's a new guy, low man on the totem pole in my office. Makes me feel...unsettled. I trained another new guy a few months ago. He's 23 or so. Feels right. This guy, though, who I haven't met yet; this guy makes me unsettled. He's probably a few years older than I. His resume says he spent the last couple of years freelancing. To me, in this market, freelancing means "I got laid off from my job and managed to cobble together some work while I applied for new jobs". If I were interviewing him, I'd certainly want to know more. I'll probably subtly question him while I'm training him, find out what happened at his last job.

Because sure, I've had this job for 11 years. And I've had a lot more jobs than most of the people I work with. (An aside: that's kind of weird to me. They all had a couple jobs in high school and college, but then started at this one job or maybe this job plus one other. I've had, like, 30 jobs? Maybe more.) But really all that means is at a new job I'd be low man on the totem pole again. No matter what. So I guess I want to see what it's like to be my age (or more!) and starting a new job. Because I'd really really like to get a new job.
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Moving day at work started Thursday and ran into today. We officially aren't in our new hallway until Monday, after the building inspector comes out and ... inspects, I guess! But we've got the cubes up, in theory the electricity is working, and we're almost ready to work. We've been working out of "flex" space in the meantime, and man, can I just stay there? Three people in an office, instead of 12 people in a hallway. Very nice.

A few pix. I'll post more when the cubes are populated. pix inside )
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Skipped last night somehow. Ooops. So this will have to be more awesome to make up for it. Three anecdotes make an entry?

1. They've started the construction on our hallway at work, so today Tracy and I crept into the taped-and-walled off construction zone to take a peek, and I have to confess it does seem like it might be ok. Because it is my workplace, however, I am certain that they'll fuck it up somehow. For now? If I can get one of the desks by the window I won't actually weep. Construction is slated to continue for another few weeks. I really need to sneak back in there with my camera. There were giant insulation pads everywhere and Tracy was certain we were breathing asbestos, so she made me leave quickly. I reminded her that the building is way too new for asbestos, but she reminded me that it's our workplace, so...yeah. Her point was especially valid this day, as they had scheduled server downtime for maintenance for 6am-12pm, and by the time we left at 7pm it was STILL down. They aren't...the best, there.

2. Saw Patrick's play "Unspoken Arrangements" (written and directed by PJC!) last night with Brian, and it was (as expected) awesome. His work friends totally packed the place, for once outnumbering his family. To be fair to the fam, they'd probably seen it before. He's had it produced at least three other times (altho the one in L.A. wasn't really attended by his east coast peeps). Anyway, it was great. I hadn't seen it, and I can't imagine why. I usually see everything he does. Both of the actors were great, playing six different people with no costume changes and barely leaving the stage. They did plenty to differentiate the characters, however, using different voices and physical mannerisms, so it was pretty easy to keep track. I heard P say to someone afterward that his favorite part of having an audience watch something was when they start to get something that the character hasn't yet understood, and seeing their reactions. It was indeed pretty neat!

3. An added benefit of going out was getting to watch Super Hot Russian Guy. The evening consisted of three one-act plays. One was Chekov's "The Bear", in Russian. Which was easier to follow than you'd think — plus they threw in an occasional sentence in English just to keep us going. Apparently at the last minute the guy playing Smirnov, the lead, couldn't make the performance. So they brought in a ringer, who (as Brian put it) looked, in his tall black boots, like he just stepped off the steppes. Magnificent! And he was fiery and passionate and shouting in Russian, and we totally agreed that he was just something to watch. And Patrick said up until people started walking into the building he was running around with the script in his hand, running his lines. So he totally nailed it AND he was totally winging it. We didn't know until afterward which actor it was that had been replaced, and it was impossible to tell. Theater can be exciting!

And those are my anecdotes, and now we are finished.

Ooh! Except: I still feel pretty damned good! I am almost completely convinced it's that I've been taking my meds regularly every single day now, as opposed to missing the occasional dose here and there. But whatever it is, I'm going to try to keep it!
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I am doing ok with posting at least every other day, so far. I don't think my life really bears more scrutiny than that, so I wouldn't count on daily entries unless I suddenly join a circus or become polyamorous or have my spleen removed or something.

The weatherpeople were just about spot-on about our stormette. Started and stopped when they predicted, got totals at the far end (about 6"), and suddenly there was sunshine. The sun was a bit earlier than they said (2p instead of 3p) but pretty good!

I worked from home during the worst of it. Had to go in for second half of day due to boss mini-freak: everyone was home, and GASP! the department might have been untenanted for an hour — with phones being remotely answered, mind you — but I guess it's ok. Brian shoveled us out, and I managed to get in by 2:30p. At least I get brownie points for showing up. The main reason I had to be there at all was because of my supervisor Mike, who is, shall we say, a bit unpunctual? He had managed to get to 1p (for a 10a start) shoveling his driveway, and THEN went in to get his brakes done. Since he was going to be the entire night crew and the day crew wanted to go home, someone needed to be midshifty-transitiony, and that someone was lucky, lucky me. I was busy, but with things I could as easily have done at home. Stayed a little late to let traffic ease out, then headed home for dinner and hanging with my boy.

Today Mike needed to leave for half the day to go make prosciutto. Well, to hack up a pig and cure it and hang it up in a cool dark place for a year. He also picked up last year's attempt and brought it into the department to make me shriek. I'm no vegetarian, but aged pig with mold is not ... appealing in any way. And it was a huge hock of pig, too. Poor thing. ALMOST enough to turn me off meat altogether. Almost. That Mike. He's quirky.

And then I came home and Patrick had brought home the spoils of his mother's birthday party, so we had delicious Italian foodstuffs. The rest of the night was bad SyFy disaster movies and internet surfing and reading and now posting. My life, she is not so exciting sometimes.
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Hmm. Not a lot to report. Yesterday was a busy day at work. One of my favorite things (no, not really) we do for our consultants is recreating PDFs into editable powerpoint files, and I got to do that all day. Whoo! When I got home, Brian made dinner and I did basically nothing all night. Around 9pm, Brian finished some work he was doing and we decided to head out and do something fun. Drove into Harvard Square, actually found a parking spot, and hit the Harvard Book Store for a bit. Found a few things, but didn't find what we were specifically looking for. It was pretty cold and 11pm by the time we were done, so we headed back to the car and drove home.

Today was another work day, and it was the complete opposite of yesterday. Not a lick of work all day. I'd brought in a few projects from home in case it was slow, but we were too chatty for me to get much done. Saturdays are our bitch-session days at work, as there are no management-types (or really anyone) in the building. We talked more about the hallway. And then the shooting happened in Arizona, and we followed that for a long time. I don't think we had one positive thing to say all day. I dialed up a Ren & Stimpy video (the one with "Happy Happy Joy Joy" in it) just to shake off the negative a bit. [When I got home Brian also sent me a link to some Maru videos. Ah, Maru! Can't stay grumpy with Maru in the world.]

By the end of the day I felt pretty sick — I hope I'm not getting the crud that everyone seems to have right now. There was some snow accumulation on the roads, so the drive home was a little more white-knuckled than it needed to be. I had a bit of a lie-down when I got home and by 9pm I started to feel a bit better. My guess is I won't get much done for the rest of the night. But tomorrow I'd like to tackle my list.

Tonight I think I'll just watch a few tivoed shows and relax.


Jan. 7th, 2011 12:50 am
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I am too tired to spend much time here tonight, so I'll have to pend the long-term to-do list until later. Suffice it to say I have things I wanna do, and lack motivation to do them currently!

Today was a pretty blah day. Got to hear all about the hallway they're moving our department (currently contained in an actual large room) to next month. Fun. It's really time to start looking for work. No raises this year, no bonus, and now we'll be in a hallway. Love it! They'd have us out in the garage if they could, but they rent the spaces out to employees so they'd really lose out on income if they did. Our new hallway? Is basically going to connect with the kitchen pod on our floor. Can't wait for the lunchtime microwaving. Oh, Bob, fish again? Really, Susan, popcorn really isn't slimming. Not in those quantities.

Ran a couple of errands both during and after work today -- picked up a couple of wireless mice at Staples during lunch, and ran Mom's clean laundry over to her after work. Tiny amount of forward momentum. While Brian and I were dithering about what to do for dinner, Patrick IM'd me and dithered about his dinner, so we all combined to get Chinese delivery. At least we came to a decision! I need decisions to be cheaper, going forward, though, because the next three months are all four paycheck months. I don't actually make enough money in four paycheck months to get close to paying all my bills. Give me those sweet, sweet five paycheck months! Hello, April, hurry up! So from now on it's Austerity Laurie. I'll also see about picking up overtime whenever I can.

Until the hallway forces me out.
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So I'm converting a poorly faxed legal contract via OCR so our legal team can edit it. The OCR software is trying very hard, but occasionally it gets something so wrong it becomes so very right. One example is the word "WORK" -- it's reading it as the word "WORD".

Notwithstanding the foregoing, all payments due hereunder are conditioned upon OUR CLIENT’s written acceptance of the WORD.

Well, hallelujah!!


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